Top 10 Power quotes from the Art of War that will inspire your day

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The Art of War is one the best book ever written on Strategy. Written over 2000 years ago, the art of war teaches the application of ancient classic strategy to modern politics and business.

The book promotes rational decisions over emotional decisions and concludes that the best strategy for any battle was to win the war without fighting.

Here are Top 10 Power quotes from the Art of War that will inspire your day

1. Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small. The most difficult things in the World must be done while they are still easy, the greatest thing in the world must be done while they are still small. For this reason, sages never do what is great and this is why they can achieve greatness.

2. Deep knowledge is to be aware of disturbance before disturbance, to be aware of danger before danger, to be aware of destruction before destruction, to be aware calamity before calamity. By deep knowledge, one can change disturbance into order, change danger into safety, change destruction into survival, change calamity into fortune.

3. Strong action is training the body without being burdened by the body, exercising the mind without being used by the mind, working in the World without being affected by the World, carrying out tasks without being obstructed by the tasks. By strong action on the way, one can bring the body to realm of longevity, bring the mind to the sphere of mystery, bring the World to great peace and bring tasks to great fulfillment.

4. Weapons are inauspicious instruments, not the tool of the enlightened. When there is no choice but to use them, it is best to be calm and free from greed and not celebrate victory. Those who celebrate victory are bloodthirsty and the bloodthirsty can never have their way with the World

5. Those who are good at Knighthood are militaristic, those who are good at battle do not become angry, those who are good at prevailing over opponents do not get involves.

6. Those who are skilled in combat do not become angered, those who are skilled at winning do no become afraid. Thus, the wise win before they fight, while the ignorant fight to win.

7. The exercise of kindness in battle leads to victory, the exercise of kindness in defense leads to security

8. Persist too intensely at what is currently beyond your depth and your fidelity to that course will bring misfortune, no gain.

9. When you have means but are not getting anywhere, seek appropriate associates and you will be lucky.

10. When you are going to do battle, make it look as if you are going a long way; when you are going to attack far away, make it look as if you are going just a short distance

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