Motivation Africa

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Motivation Africa is the less boring side of life. At Motivation Africa we are connecting the World to true and real African Stories. Our goal is to build a community of creative people who are ready and willing to promote true African stories.

We believe that perception is what is changing the narrative of the struggles of Africans and we are willing to correct it.

As a team of young creatives, we are focused on telling true African stories, we combine our energy, passion, and teamwork to create stories. and projects that will not just promote true African ideals but will also project true African values

We want to educate, inspire, and share African stories to the World.

Our team:


Abel Udokene- Creative Director

Abel Udokene is a Social media strategist, Public Health enthusiast, Writer, Python Expert, and a Fish Farmer. He Supported the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control on the COVID-19 response and has worked up to 8 years in the Public Health sector.

Patrick EdmundEditor

Patrick Edmund is Lecturer of African Literature and a great discipline of Nelson Mandela. Born in Lusaka Zambia, Patrick has worked in 7 African Countries, From Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Namibia and Ethiopia.

Mfon Abel Ekene – Director of Community research

Mfon Abel Ekene is an Internet scientist and blog expert. He Loves writing, researching and helping people reach their dreams. He is a Speaker and author. He writes for Make Money

Iniobong Leroi Umoh- Creative Content Director

Iniobong Leroi Umoh is a multi-contextual writer, storyteller, and brand content creator. He writes with a touch of humor, satire, and reality. Email: IG: @ini_leroi Twitter: @iniobong_

Abasiama Essien- Content Writer

Abasiama Essien is a fashion instigator Passionate Singer, Fluent Speaker and can be Unpredictable at times

Goodness Ogeyi Odey Content Writer

Odey Goodness Ogeyi is a writer, content creator, health promoter and adolescents advocate. She believes that everyone has the potentials to do and be anything, if only they take the needed actions. She best describes herself as More than Eyes Can See.

Natalie Reuben – Editorial Adviser

Natalie Reuben is a poet, writer, and a Mental health specialist

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