Read this when you are tempted to give up

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“Never give up on something you believe in.” – Steve Scalise

Do you feel like quitting, are you flirting with the thought of giving up? are you sometimes scared of tomorrow? brace up, you are not alone.

The truth is, Life is demanding, but giving up is not an option. We’ve all been in situations that seem hopeless but one way or the other we break even and make progress.

The best thing you can do yourself is to take life one step at a time; live and make the best use of every moment, strive hard to do those things that make you happy.

Life is beautiful, it may be demanding sometimes, but throwing away your dreams because of fear or little uncertainties is the act of foolishness or cowardice.

The World is big enough to accommodate all our dreams, practically, there is no dream that is bigger than the World. Someone dreamt of Aeroplane, works towards it and make it come true. Someone dreamt of Internet and today we are communicating with the speed of light.

There is no dream that is not possible, as long as you work towards it and don’t give up. We’ve all read the story of electricity, we’ve seen how phones and laptops evolved over the years. These people went through a lot before accomplishing their dreams. The sweat house theory of Steve Jobs is still resonating until today.

Life is best enjoyed with a long-lasting relationship, but even with heartbreaks, you can still make something fun with your life. There is enough love story for everyone, we can all create good and beautiful love stories if we don’t give up on love.

Heartbreaks may be painful, heartbreaks may hurt, but what hurt most is not doing something about it. So, don’t be stuck in it, give yourself some space, take yourself out, love and cherish yourself, create your love story and let it inspire you and the right person will walk in and take the ride with you.

Life is a journey, please ignore all the ‘give up’ sign that is conflicting with your dreams. Be yourself always, be happy, live life to the fullest and find peace in everything you do.

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