Top 30 Motivational African Proverbs

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Yesterday, while I was trying to compile these Motivational African Proverbs, my son told me  “Daddy, you are getting old” “yes, I am old” I replied, off course, I was born before the social media age so we had a good knowledge of some motivational African Proverbs. Those days, my father used to gather all us during moonlight and he would share some proverbs and tales about Africa with us.

He was always interested in transferring those knowledge to us with the hope that we will pass same to the next generation and the circle will continue thereafter. I don’t know, if my generation had failed, but for me, I intend to keep my own part of the bargain.

I have indoctrinated my children and I hope they will pass on the same knowledge to the next generation.

Here is a list of my Top 30 Motivational African Proverbs. These Proverbs will inspire and motivate you to be the best version of yourself.

Top 30 Motivational African Proverbs

1. There are no shortcuts to the top of the palm tree

2. If you do not have patience you cannot make beer

3. You must attend to your business with the vendor in the market, and not to the noise of the market

4. Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand

5. If you offend, ask for a pardon; if offended forgive.

6. A person with too much ambition cannot sleep in peace.

7. A good deed is something one returns.

8. Those who accomplish great things pay attention to little ones.

9. Even the best cooking pot will not produce food.

10. Rising early makes the road short.

11. If you carry the egg basket do not dance

12. Ugliness with a good character is better than beauty.

13. The child of a rat is a rat.

14. Hope does not disappoint

15.Patience is the mother of a beautiful child.

16. By crawling a child learns to stand.

17.He who refuses to obey cannot command.

18. Birds sing not because they have answers but because they have songs

19. You can tell a ripe corn by its look.

20. Do not follow a person who is running away

21. A stream cannot rise above its source.

22. You cannot name a child that is not born

23.If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

24. If your only tool is a hammer, you will see every problem as a nail

25. Be a mountain or lean on one

26.Even the lion, the king of the forest, protects himself against flies.

27. When I think of the others’s misfortunes, I forget mine.

28. One who bathes willingly with cold water doesn’t feel the cold.

29.He who learns, teaches.

30. The worlds of the elders do not lock all the doors; they leave the right door open.

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