How Tolu Williams, CEO of Versustrade Made One Billion Naira on Solana

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The Cryptocurrency industry has proven to be both a curse and a blessing to some. One such enthusiast who has enjoyed the blessings of Cryptocurrency is Tolu Williams, CEO of Versustrade.

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We will recall the debacle of the crypto world in 2022, which plunged the entire industry into turmoil. Doubters went as far as forecasting that Bitcoin would plummet to single-digit values. Even Solana, a favoured project of FTX, the company led by CEO Sam Bank Fried (SBF), suffered significant losses amidst the 2022 crypto downturn.

Solana dropped significantly from a whooping 3 digits value,   $249.98 to $8, a single digit value. While most critics and crypto pessimists, some who had once believed in the space proclaimed doom, there remained few believers who were confident of the bright future of the crypto industry. One of these believers was Tolu Williams, the CEO of Versustrade who saw an ample opportunity to buy Solana at a discount price. He invested $200, 000 USD in November, 2022 and today, that same investment has grown to 5x in just 1 year.

Based on our calculations, a dollar was trading at about 500 NGN in November, 2022 and today, at Press time, the dollar is valued at 1000 NGN. This means that about 100 Million NGN was invested on November, 2022 and today, it has grown 10 times more. He enjoyed both an increase in Solana and in the exchange rate of dollar to Naira.

Solana grew from 8USD per token to 40 USD when CEO Tolu Williams took profit in November 2023. Most have wondered how he gathered his wealth, for more information, you can read about how Tolu Williams, CEO of Versustrade built his crypto brand from scratch.




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