How to Survive in South Africa

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If you are looking for how to survive in South Africa, understanding all the alphabets of hard work and how to apply them effectively is a must.

As the largest country in Southern Africa and the 24th largest country in the world, South Africa has a relatively cheap cost of living and a booming population, but survival in South Africa is highly competitive.

Apart from Xenophobia which has painted the giant of  Southern African nation black in recent times, South Africa is the home of natural beauty and was named the 5th Most Beautiful Country in the World in 2017.

In terms of the World Inclusive index, South Africa is the best in Africa and the 3rd in the World. It is better than Australia, London, Switzerland according to World Inclusive index.

The cost of living in the country is better than London, for instance, rent is 62.78% lower than in South Africa than in London, and restaurant prices are 50.95% lower than in London.

How to Survive in South Africa

If you want to survive in South Africa, you have to:

1. Hustle hard:

The Country is always working and the only way to fit in is to carve a niche for yourself and hustle hard. There is no substitute for hard work or working smart

2. Keep your ears on the ground.

Opportunities are everywhere if you want to survive in South Africa, keep your ears and eyes open.

3. Be creative

There are thousands of opportunities for creative people and you can’t afford to be left out. Learn a skill, and develop yourself.

4. Persevere

You have to persevere and be ready to adapt to any condition. Sometimes, the economic weather can be too harsh, and the only way to fit in is to develop a thick skin that can withstand any weather.

5. Have a network

You can’t survive in South Africa without a good, strong, and reliable network. Make sure you grow your network consistently. Relationship is the greatest asset in life, build it, value it, and maintain it.

6. Flee from Laziness

Laziness breeds poverty. If you want to survive in South Africa run away from laziness and do something that can add value to your life.



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