How to get a Job in Nigeria

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Getting a job in Nigeria can be quite tasking especially if you don’t know where to look.

First, apart from the stress of walking from office to office to submit application letters, the internet is also saturated with hundreds of Job listing websites who are even compounding the whole problems.

From,,,,  to, etc, the competition to bring the latest job notice closer to job seekers is on the high side.

As a job seeker if you want to get a job in Nigeria, apart from your professional qualification you need to do the following:

1. Develop your social capital.

A good social capital can take you where your qualifications cannot.
Don’t just create a social media profile, learn to post things related to your chosen career. And consistently search and answer questions from other social media users on issues relating to your field.

For instance, if you are a graduate of food science, you should always be on the lookout for questions, issues, and hashtag relating to food on all the social media networks. Follow companies you would wish to work with and engage with their handle once in a while (like a retweet, mention, recommendations, etc)

2. Start a side hustle

The worst thing you can do to yourself while looking for a job in Nigeria is to sit idle and wait for jobs to knock at your door. I always advise job seekers to look for what they can do at the interim while keeping their job search antenna on. For instance, you can follow a platform like Make Money and learn ways to make money online or you can learn a skill or do a professional course to hone your skills.

3. Make friends with the career page of your chosen companies

I guess by now, you should have a list of companies you would love to work with. Don’t just stop there, check their career page regularly for updates, subscribe to their newsletter if any and monitor their social media handles for news and information

4. Subscribe to a job listing site newsletter

5. Have a network

As a job seeker in Nigeria, it’s important that you have a network comprising of your friends, colleagues, family and anyone who you think can assist you.



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