How To Start A Liquid Soap Production Business

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Soaps whether laundry, kitchen or bath soap is an essential dirt and sweat remover that is used every day by everyone. Soaps are made as bars or liquids. In recent years there has been a soaring preference for liquid soaps, this development has made the liquid soap production business lucrative to venture into. In this article, you will discover how you can start the business and make money from it.

What is Liquid Soap Production?

Liquid soap is soap in liquid form. It functions as a cleaning agent and it is made from the salts of vegetable and animal fats. The production process requires the mixing of caustic soda and other chemical ingredients in the right proportion to ensure quality and safe soaps. The business could be concentrated on either producing body washes, hand washes, laundry washes, or all.

Why start a Liquid Soap Production Business?

Well, the business is one of the businesses that can be done on a small scale and does not necessarily need a large facility to begin. You can start production from home, make a profit and expand later. Plus, the production process is simple to learn and getting the raw materials and ingredients is easy and assured.

Other reasons why you should start include;

  • It is a business that is not capital intensive

Except you are considering liquid soap production on a large scale, liquid soap production can be done with a low capital.

  • Profit is guaranteed

Soap is used every day by everyone. It will always be demanded and you will always make sales and get profit. Most liquid soap production businesses make triple their production cost with the right marketing strategies.

  • Market reach

Think about a product that is used everywhere in the world. It is soap. Liquid soap has attracted fondness because of qualities unlike bar soaps, there will always be a market to sell to anywhere in the world.

How to Start a Liquid Soap Production Business

Conduct Market Research

Soaps are used everywhere in the world by everyone. This implies that there are thousands of other liquid soap production businesses and there will be fierce competition. Conducting market research will help you analyze the demand for it by and also information about the liquid soap types that exist, recognize existing gaps and plan on ways your liquid soap can satisfy the unmet needs of consumers.

Learn the Liquid soap production process

There are various ways liquid soaps are produced but the right procedures involve the use of all ingredients in the appropriate formulation. Acquiring knowledge of the function of each liquid soap ingredient will keep you guided on how to use them to manufacture quality products. Caustic soda for instance is used as a dirt/stain remover, Sulphonic acid is the foaming agent, Nitrosol thickens the liquid soap, and formalin acts as a preservative for soap quality.

Purchase machinery and ingredients

Raw materials and ingredients needed for liquid soap production include; chemicals, colorant, water, measuring cups, stirring rods, gloves, bottles or cans, bottle-filling machines, nose coverings, etc.

You can also hire a space if you are considering a large scale.

Write a business plan

Writing a well-researched business plan will be essential and beneficial to your business. Write out your business objectives, business operation details, promotion strategies, financial budgets, and market dynamics. A well-written business plan can help you get funding from investors and also equip you with information about how your liquid soap production business will work.

Register Business

Business registration provides legitimacy to a business. Getting your soap production business is very important. Research on the permits, licenses, and authorities responsible for business registration. In Nigeria, the CAC is responsible for business registrations, and registering your business will be quite easy.

Hire workers(optional) and start production

A large-scale liquid soap production business will require employing workers will skillsets and also unskilled workers.

A chemist and production manager will help in the production process. Also, create job descriptions and assign them to employees with the right skill set. Remember, your business’s success is dependent on their performances.

Package, Market, and Promote your produced liquid soaps

This is the last phase of a business and it is very crucial. Identifying your business target market will make marketing easier. Liquid soaps are largely needed by hotels, restaurants, and residential and corporate offices in this order.

Packaging your liquid soaps with unique labeling and strong containers will make them appealing to customers. Creating marketing and advertising strategies for both offline and online business promotions will take your liquid soap production business a step closer to the actualization of its objectives.

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  1. I will like to start my own liquid soap business, please how should I write my business plan or how should I go about it. Thank you.


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