Visa Gift Card: How to activate Gift card, Check Gift Card balance, and more

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Visa Gift card also known as a “non-reloadable” gift card is a prepaid Visa card issued to enable purchases at a merchant or retailer’s store. It comes with the versatility of making payments without the inconvenience of carrying along large amounts of money. It is often preferred by individuals who are looking out to manage their finances because of restrictions made on cards used when the initial money deposited is exhausted. In this article, you will discover more about Gift card and how to use them for online for purchases.

Why Use a Visa Gift card?

There are several reasons why a gift card is a good option for everyone. Some of the benefits of using a Gift card includes:


Visa Gift card offers a unique way of making several purchases without the hassle of carrying cash. Plus it can be used to buy items anywhere in the world that a VISA card is approved and also online.


With the Gift card, some features enable the card to be blocked in an instance of theft or when missing. All you have to do is make a complaint to your card issuer.

Safe option for managing finances

When you consider extravagant spending, the Gift card sets a spending limit. The knowledge of your card being no longer useful when money is exhausted on it will allow careful spending.

Visa Gift card has no hidden fees, no credit checks, or regular maintenance fees. It is just free to use.

How does the Gift card work?

After an initial cash value has been deposited or set by the owner of the gift card, to make payment you will just have to hand over the card to the merchant and sign the purchase receipt. Each time a purchase is made, the amount is immediately deducted from the total balance on the gift card. Please remember to include your signature at the back of the card to ensure its legitimacy.

How to activate your Visa Gift card

Most Gift cards are automatically activated when it is purchased by the issuer, while some can be activated by the Gift card’s owner. To activate your Gift card, you will have to follow the instructions provided by your card issuer( Visa), these instructions will be attached upon card purchase.

How to check your Gift Card Balance

To check your card balance: You can visit  or call the toll number at the back of your Gift card.

On the card site, proceed to enter your Gift card’s 16-digit number and the 3-digit (CVV) security number lodged at the back of your gift card. You will receive a message with your card balance information shortly.

Can I use my card online?

Yes, a Visa Gift card can be used to make online purchases as long as the merchant or retailer has listed it as a payment option. To use your card online you would have to first activate your card and register it.

Your Visa Gift card can be activated via the procedure listed above, but to register you would have to:

Follow the guidelines provided along with your Gift card

Enter card information online and provide the basic details required.

Also, ensure to include your billing address as this is what the retailer would need to verify the payment you make on purchases.

Difference between a Visa Prepaid debit card and a Visa Gift card

Visa prepaid debit cards may have similarities with the traditional Visa credit and debit cards, but still, there are a few differences.

Unlike credit and debit cards which can be loaded anytime money is deposited to the bank account linked with the card, the Visa Gift card contains specific money amounts deposited by the owner upon acquisition and once the sum is spent the card can no longer be used.

Prepaid debit cards have associated additional fees while a Gift card has no extra fees attached.

Prepaid can be used to make purchases from many merchants but a gift card allows buying from a retailer. Gift card does not allow cash withdrawals but Visa prepaid debit card does.





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