5 Beautiful places in Nigeria You Can Visit on a Vacation

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Nigeria is one of the top African countries with beautiful places to visit on a vacation. Whatever may be your reason for trying out a new environment, the undeniable truth is that you want to have the best memorable and gratifying experience that will serve you with a lasting dose of beautiful stories to tell. Across the 36 states of Nigeria are thousands of alluring homes and comfort carefully built to give you a top-notch, unforgettable experience at any place of your choice.

Yet, out of the many beautiful places you can find on your visit to Nigeria, there are still some outstanding places with a fine bearing of artistic touches, high-quality facilities, and an exceptionally serene ambiance designed for lovers of excellence. Exactly where I want to take you in this piece.

Here are the 5 Beautiful places in Nigeria you can visit on vacation.

5 Beautiful places in Nigeria You Can Visit on a Vacation 

Solomon Lar Amusement Park in Jos city

This is a naturally endowed environment with a suiting charm, enhanced with man-made facilities to give it a classic and spellbinding presence to all its visitors. The park has the best ambiance for outdoor entertainment. Things you will find in the park include a well-equipped swimming pool, an attractive playground for children, artificial Lakes, free internet service, and camera-friendly features.

It is a pleasant place worthy of picnics, recreational activities, and hosting of wedding receptions. It is beautifully designed for lovers of nature to hang out and create their choicest moment. You will have everything to gain with nothing to lose for choosing to spend your holiday with friends and family at Solomon Lar Amusement Park.

Ibom Le Meridien Hotel and Resort, Uyo

You’re welcome to a picture-worthy landscape, an exquisite environment with a spike of grandeur.

This is a five-star hotel and golf resort in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. It is the largest in the country covering over 135 hectares of rich palm plantation. The resort bears such excellent features attractive to the eyes of every beholder. Even the air that welcomes you feels refreshing and tender to ease you of any element of stress that must have taken a toll on you on the journey.  Meanwhile, a relaxed tour around this arousing ambiance will present you with a site of splendor, a large outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, a super sauna, and a soothing steam bath that will always meet your yearning. The breathtaking restaurant that serves you savoring and richest intercontinental delicacies and holds your taste bud in wonder, is one you will not forget in a hurry. Even the assorted wine bar in the resort will give you the King’s banquet experience each time, while its 18-hole green golf course makes the resort a good measure for comfort and elegance.

The Ibom Le Meridien Hotel Marina club which hosts several leisurely activities is second to none. Just in one outing, the resort will provide you with an appealing flair of luxury and comfort which you can’t recover from in the next 730 days, except it was only a fantasy. Having a moment with a difference in Le Meridien resort will leave you wanting more.

Jara Beach Resort, Lagos

This is one of a kind beach resort with an eye-catching natural ambiance and outstanding features that will grace you with an aura fit for your holiday expectations. Trust me, you cannot resist the charm naturally and humanly designed to gratify your cravings for comfort. Jara Beach Resort is located in Museyo, Eloko Lagos, and is easily accessible by road. It offers luxurious accommodation spaces for newly wedded, friends and family with kids’ vacation experiences. The best of necessary amenities are provided to give you a peaceful and restful sleep, only waking you to the mellifluous sound of waves from the Atlantic Ocean.

Obudu Mountain Resort, Cross River State

Obudu Mountain Resort is one of Africa’s most beautiful, spectacular, and amazing tourist destination, also known as Obudu cattle ranch. It is situated in the highlands and deep tropical forests of Cross River State. It has a temperate climate at about 45 miles from the border with Cameroon. What would you get from visiting Obudu Cattle Ranch? Let me tell you sincerely, the ranch is the most beautiful place you could ever desire to be because of its abiding natural elements made of mountain-area and countryside views well preserved in serenity to satisfy all your vacation needs. The touch of idyllic tranquility will give your adventure an unforgettable experience.

Millennium Park, Abuja

Where can you find Millennium Park? It is located at 5 Usuma street, Maitama, Abuja. This park known for its unrivaled attraction and unusual charm is the most visited tourist center in Abuja and was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II of England in 2003 which earned it global attention. The Millennium Park is an oasis of bliss designed with class and lushness to welcome all visitors to enjoy the chill of fresh air and unwind in peace while sapping all the blissful energy from a sonorous spring of rushing water.

Final thoughts on Beautiful places in Nigeria You Can Visit on a Vacation

If you are coming to Nigeria for the first time you would like to check out some of the beautiful places available that will meet your holiday appetites and the best vacation treatment you can gift yourself is to travel to a place that knows how to pamper your presence and kiss your skin with the air of peace and bliss, while loading your camera with the tale of love passionately expressed by the mellow hands of mother nature and human ingenuity. You can’t be graced with this fantastic climate and not gasp for breath.

Truly, Nigeria is such a home with pleasant places carefully modeled to offer excellent hospitality and comfort at its peak. Come see for yourself!

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