How to Start a Goat Farming Business in Africa

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Goat Farming business is a very lucrative business if properly managed. If you are planning to start a goat farming business in Africa, this short guide on how to start a goat farming business in Africa will guide you through.

As a farmer myself, I want you to know that just like other agricultural businesses in Africa, goat farming business has it own challenges, but if you apply the steps and suggestions, I am going to share in this article you will make a sustainable income from Goat farming business

How to Start a Goat Farming Business in Africa

1. Draw a Business Plan

If you are planning to start a sustainable commercially viable goat farming business in Africa, you need a business plan. Your business plan should provide insight on the resources needed to achieve your goat farming business goals, establish a progress tracking framework, allow any potential investors to see the viability of the company and establish clear timeline for your business journey

2. Get a good Location

Having a good location is very vital for your goat farming business; I always advised farmers to get a location that is close to a water source and where you can get feed for your goats.  Goat can eat anything from lovely green grass to scrubby woods; so having a location that is closer to where you can get green grass will be very good for your business.

3. Build an open house and construct a fence round the farm.

Construct a fence  round the farm and build an open house inside the farm where goats can take shelter incase of rain. It is very important to understand that goats are susceptible to cold and diarrhea; so as much as you can, try and see how you can give your goats a good environment to thrive on

4. Choose a good Goat breed for your farm

They are so many breeds of goats in Africa which are used for Fiber, meat and diary production. You have to decide what your final product will be. If your focus is on meat, choose from the available goat breed that are used for meat production in your region. Having a good goat breed which is suitable for your farming purpose is very vital for your farm success

5. Buy the selected Goat breed for your farm.

After deciding on what you want to do with your farm, buy the identify goat breed and stock in your farm. It’s good to buy from trusted farm so that you can minimized fear of disease outbreak.

6. Feed your goat.

Goats are ruminant animals, so they eat plants and digest them through a four-compartment stomach. You will need Feed storage containers, Food buckets, Water buckets, etc., your goat need access to clean water  and hay (which can be grass or a legume). You can use the feed storage container to store food which they can easily access; water buckets to store water, etc.,

7. Be on the look out for Diseases.

From day one, ensure that you monitor your goats for any abnormality so that you can proffer solution immediately. Even though goats are strong and can survive in any conditions, it always good to be on the look out for diseases so that you can control and stay on top of the situation always. Early signs of infection include: reduced feed intake, watery/abnormal discharge and unusual behavior.

As a farm owner, you need to study and understand the behavior of your farm animals, this is very vital in detecting any disease condition. If you notice any unusual behavior or condition from any of your goat, segregate them and look for solution immediately.

To keep your goat health, the following are important:

  • De-worm the goats regularly
  • Keep the farm shed clean all the time
  • Before introducing new stock to your farm, proper quarantine is important to guide against imported infections
  •  Fluke infection can spring up near water bodies, ensure to sprinkle copper sulphate  near all water point in the farm
  • Give your goats clean water and uncontaminated feed
  • Avoid early morning/late night grazing; make sure you have a consistent feeding regime for your goats so that you can monitor their feed intake.

Advantage of Goat farming business

  • Goat can produce in harsh environment
  • They have short reproductive cycle when compared to Cow
  • Goat feed are not expensive and can be easily accessible
  • You can start small and grow


Things to note

  • Goat farming business is very lucrative, but having a good and workable business plan will be very vital to your farm success.
  • Unlike Poultry and Fish; Goat can feed on green pasture, so you will not spend much on feeding. The only thing that will take your money is the shed and the perimeter fence.
  • Management is very important; ensure you employ a qualified hands to assist you in cleaning the shed, feeding the goats, etc.,
  • Proper housing structure and shelter is very important
  • It always good to separate them based on sizes into different pen
  • Always pack their faeces and store them well for manure






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