Top Ways to Make Money Online in 2023

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There are many ways to make online this year, in this article, I am going to explore in details the top 5 ways you can add in your money making journey in 2023. Let me tell you a little about my journey, last year I made $65,300 USD after tax from my online portfolio; 60% of the money was from trading and cryptocurrency stacking, 20% was from freelancing, while the remaining 20% was from mentorship.

I will try my best to explain what I did right, and how you can replicate my success formula; If you are like me and your new year resolution include making more money online, then let dive in and look at the top 5 ways to make money online right now.

Top Ways to Make Money Online in 2023

Let me start by saying that; contrary to popular opinion, it’s true there are no free money out there, but with the right information and skills, you can make sustainable income online. Last year, I chatted with some young millionaires around Africa and I was very moved by their stories. I am very confidence that if you put in a little work with the information I am going to share with you in this article, you will make a whole lot of money online this year.

Let dive in:

1. Sell your skills

One of the young millionaires I interviewed last year believed that the 21st century is the skill generation. According to him, everyone is blessed with one skill or the other; the only different between the rich and the poor is how they utilize their skill set.

I tend to agree with him; for instance, last year I made over $5000 from writing; each time I remember that I just needed to get to Upwork, bid for work, then write on my spare time, I was very happy. Apart from Upwork, I wrote for so many blogs including Motivation Africa and my ability to share my experience, earn some money and help others is a great motivation.

So how do you sell your skills online? 

Your first point of call is to know your strength, so get a pen and a paper, write out your strength and how you can use that your strength to help others. Let me put it this way, I met a young forex millionaire from South Africa and he told me how he paid some freelancers to put up his trading strategy on paper which he used for his mentoring courses that is generating over $1500 monthly. In developing his courses, he utilize the skill of writers and a social media strategist. I am currently writing a fashion designing curriculum from a great fashion guru from Kenya.

Please make it part of your journey this year, to share your skills not just for the profit but to help others. They are so many people who want to learn new skills; we did a little research in 2021 with a client in Nigeria who is running a catering school; we identified some great delicacies then do some tutorials on them and the link was shared via WhatsApp group and Facebook, at the end of the campaign, we had more than 200 sign ups in three days. We started with a very small fee but the value was worth it. Some people went on to sign up for the main courses.

Any skill you have is sealable, think and work toward transferring your skills to help others and also put some money in your pocket.

2. Trading

Trading is one of the top ways to make money online this year; My focus last year was on synthetic indices trading. I struggled with Forex trading at a time because I did not understand the rule of the market. When I started my only interest was on making money because of the orientation I have from most Forex YouTube billionaires, but I kept losing more until, I started looking for knowledge.

February last year, I signed up with an account with Deriv; because the review I had of them was very good, funded my account with $1000 and I made 100% of my capital within a week trading Boom and Crash. This is what I did; let me confess trading is VERY risky, personally I believe that everyone should learn how to trade, because it fun when you understand the whole process.

I took a free course on price action trading, read the candlestick bible, then study and understand supply and demand trading; from the knowledge i gathered and with my equity, I sell Crash and Buy Boom when my trading conditions were met; doing this minimize lose and increase my profit level in the market. I trade in my spare time, as if I am playing game.

You can start by learning how to trade, and also sharing your knowledge with others which is what most self acclaimed Forex guru do to make tons of money.

3. Start a blog

Even if it’s a personal journal where you share your life journey, I strongly suggest that you should plan on starting a blog this year. With just a little money you can create a blog to share your passion and ideas. You don’t need any expertise to run a blog, apart from a great knowledge of SEO and your writing ability.

One of my mentee started an education blog in 2019 and last year, she made over $37,000 from Google Adsense; there is a projection that her blog revenue may double this year. She is running the blog part-time, if she can put a little more work, the blog revenue will triple before the end of 2022. You too can own a money making blog.

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4. Become a film and TV Reviewer

In the past 5 years, I have been making cool sustainable cash from writing movie reviews online. To me, this is the most fun way to make money online. I love watching movies and writing movie reviews is always fun and the pay is very good. I am going to share some sites where you can apply to become a movie reviewer but I will put up an article soon on my journey on writing and making money from Movie reviews.

Check out the following websites to apply: Taste Of Cinema, Animation Arena, Screen Rant, Bustle, and Cineaste, there are many others, I will list and provide their reviews in my next article.

5. Invest in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has come to stay. One of the ways I made money from cryptocurrency last year was through yield farming and I also created a passion income streams on Binance. Please if you do not do anything else this year, just open a crypto account and store up some cryptocurrency. Personally, I advice people on how to create a good investment farm for cryptocurrency. Many people are enjoying the benefit of cryptocurrency, I don’t know what you are waiting for. It’s not too late to start your Crypto journey, make a decision now and kick start your journey.

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On a Final Note.

There are many other ways you can make money online this year, but I carefully selected those I mentioned above from my personal experience. Please, don’t wait any longer, 2022 has already started, so get on, if you need further explanation, you can drop a comment below this post.


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