How to Monetize Your Facebook Page: A Complete Guide

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Do you know that you can earn over $1,000 on Facebook through videos you post? Well, now you do! Read on to find out how to monetize your Facebook Page.

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms and it also has the highest number of social media users worldwide. As of July 2022, Facebook recorded that 2.934 billion people use the platform monthly. What this means for you is that there is a ready market to sell content on Facebook. Out of the billions of users on the platform, you can look into targeting millions or even thousands, which in turn can bring in money for you.

Monetizing your Facebook Page is a great way to reward yourself for all the hard work you put into content creation. However, it does not happen suddenly; there is a guide to follow to ensure you get paid on Facebook. If you are curious about how to monetize your Facebook Page, keep reading to get your answers.

Why Monetize your Facebook Page?

In learning how to monetize your Facebook Page, you should also understand why you should consider doing it to avoid getting confused at the end of the day.

  • It’s can create employment opportunities

Monetizing your Facebook Page can help create a job opportunity, especially if you prefer to work from your comfort zone. For example, if you are a freelancer who loves to make content for people, monetizing your Facebook Page is a great way to get yourself busy. All you need to do is to set up a Facebook Page that clearly describes the type of content you make and follow the right steps.

  • Facebook has the reach

The platform has over 2 billion users, making it the largest social media platform in the world. This makes it possible for you to get views through your content. It also saves you from spending too much money on marketing through its algorithms.

  • You get rewarded for your content

Monetizing your Facebook Page is a way to reward yourself for creating content. Understandably, content creation involves a lot of time and money investment. Therefore, getting paid through Facebook is an excellent reward for spending time and money creating those content. So why not learn how to monetize your Facebook Page and reward your efforts with success?

How to monetize your Facebook Page: Steps to Take

Below are the steps to take when learning how to monetize your Facebook Page;

1. Create a Facebook Page

Having a Facebook account is different from having a Facebook Page. A Facebook Page is the business profile you need to sell your product or service on Facebook. It allows you access to features such as creating adverts, managing page roles, product catalogs, etc. First, you must create a Facebook account before a business page can be created. You are also allowed to have more than one Facebook Page. Ensure your Page name is related to the type of content you want to sell on the platform. This makes it easy for the audience to reach you on the platform.

2. Go through the Guidelines

Before you invest your time and money in creating content on Facebook, ensure you go through their  Guidelines and monetization policies, you must meet the requirements before thinking of how to monetize your Facebook Page.

3. Post Contents

After going through the rules and you are clear about the kind of contents you want to work on, start by developing a content calendar that will inspire your content creation journey. Then move on to work on your contents and start posting immediately. All kinds of contents can be posted on Facebook. However, video content easily interests an audience on Facebook. Ensure that all your video captures all the necessary information you want your audience to see. You can post both long and short videos on Facebook.

4. Build Followers

Facebook won’t pay you if your followers are below the stated numbers in their monetization policy. To grow your followers, you have to create contents that resonate with your audience; It’s important to always analyze your top performing contents and see how you can create similar contents to grow your followers. PLEASE don’t buy followers, focus on contents engage with your audience and you can promote your content once in a while.

5. Use the Facebook Monetization Features

Using the monetization features effectively is a tip for learning how to monetize your Facebook Page. The Features can be found in your creator studio. Ensure you carefully review them to understand how to use them effectively in your content. Check below for the different types of Facebook features for monetization.

Facebook Features for Monetization

To find the Facebook features for monetization, visit the Creator Studio on your Facebook Page and check for Monetization tools under the “View Page Eligibility” option. These features can be defined as the elements that make earning money on the platform easy.

  • In-stream Ads

These ads are fixed in videos posted on Facebook by the creators. These ads appear at the start of the video, middle of the video, or at the end of the video. You can control your in-stream ads from the Creator Studio. Rules for earning from in-stream ads on Facebook include;

  • The viewer must play the video for at least 60 seconds before the ads pop up.
  • There must have been at least five active videos posted on the page, with the videos having at least 600,000 views in the last 60 days.
  • Subscriptions

Subscription features involve being paid according to the number of followers or likes you have on your page. To earn money through the Facebook Subscription feature, you must have;

  • At least 10,000 followers or likes on the page and also be active for at least 90 days on Facebook.
  • 180 minutes views on the videos posted in the last 60 days or at least 50,000 engagements on your post.
  • You must also reside in any countries listed under the subscription eligibility policy (Germany, UK, US, and India.).
  • Stars

This option allows you to earn money from stars sent by people who engage with your post. It can be through watching videos you have posted or through a live video. You are paid 1 Cent for every star you receive. Not to worry, the least stars your audience can send is around 100.

  • Brand Collab Manager

This feature is another tip on how to monetize your Facebook Page. It can be viewed as a networking room for content creators on Facebook to build their portfolios and meet with potential clients. On the Brand Collab Manager, you get to work with clients who will offer you both long and short-term brand partnership deals. All you need is to market their brands in your content.

  • Paid Online Events

Here is another feature that makes how to monetize your Facebook Page easy. Although, you need to have a level of influence on the platform before this feature can work for you. This feature allows you to create an online event and charge people for attending.

  • Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is those you make for brands. Both brands you met via Facebook and outside the platform. With this feature, you can earn lots of money while increasing your post engagement. It is a feature that helps boost other features.

  • In-Stream Ads for Live

This feature is similar to in-stream on-demand. However, the difference is that on-demand is for posted videos, while this is for live videos.

Facebook Monetization Rules to Watch Out For

Ensure you go through the policies below and confirm that you did not breach any of them before moving to monetize your Facebook Page;

  • Community standards
  • Partner monetization policies
  • Content monetization policies

Factors to Consider when Learning How to Monetize Your Facebook Page

  • Abide by the rules and the community guidelines.
  • Your Activeness on the Platform; you must have been on Facebook for at least 90 days before you can earn from your page.
  • The originality and authenticity of your content; avoid promoting banned content
  • You are not allowed to promote political content

Other Backup Plan for Earning Money through Facebook

Remember, Facebook is a social media platform, and its algorithms control most of the activities done on the platform. Policies keep updating, and rules and features can also change. Therefore, you can lose access to your Facebook Page due to actions carried out by you or the platform.

Here are two backup plans for you;

  • Brand Merch

With your influence on Facebook, you will be able to build an audience that would be interested in keeping up with your brand outside the platform. One way to make money through that is to create your merchandise. Imagine selling t-shirts to over 1,000 people; it sounds nice, right? That is a great way to keep earning money from Facebook even outside Facebook!

  • Create Your Platform and Advertise on Facebook

This is one strategy most top influencers on Facebook have adopted. This involves building a website where they can fully sell their content and services directly to their target audience. With this, you won’t have to bother about losing your account since you own the platform. After creating your platform, you can use your Facebook influence to direct traffic to it.

Final Thoughts

Earning money on Facebook is obtainable when you know how to go about it. I shared this guide with you so you can learn how to monetize your Facebook Page without stress. Apart from the tips shared in this piece, it is also essential for you to understand that nothing comes easy; you need to stay consistent and be as creative as possible before you can start to earn on the platform.




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