How to make People trust your Start-up

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Trust is a key value in business, the more people trust your business, the more your business flourish.

As a start-up, the best way to grow your business is to build quality relationship, relationship that is based on trust, value and consistency.

No start-up can survive without patronage and patronage is the result of building good business relationship.

My conclusion on why most start-up or businesses fail is simple; they don’t know how to build good business relationship and they don’t understand how to appreciate their clients/customers.

So how can you make people trust your business?

1. Be Original

Originality matters in building successful brands. There is nothing that turns people off than a fake or a duplicated process.

Remember you are not working to build someone’s else empire but your own,so follow your passion, don’t attempt to fit in when you can stand out.

2. Stay true to your brand purpose

Define your brand purpose, (the reason you are in business) and stay true on achieving them.

There is a serious lack of creativity in businesses these days, most start-up seems to forget their brand purpose in moment of distress or in the moment of plenty.

We encourage you to always set your eyes on your brand purpose and be creative about the solutions you are providing for your clients/customers.

3. Provide Value

You have no business to do business if you are not providing value. Clients and customers are always in constant search for brands who can give them value for their money, don’t be in business just for the money, get in for the value.

To provide value, you have to be consistent, you have to offer quality products or services and you must always keep to time.

4. Create a culture of honesty, transparency and timeliness

Honesty, transparency and timeliness are great assets that can inspire a good business relationship.

Be honest with your business intention, be transparent in all your business dealings and practice timeliness in your service delivery

In conclusion, great brands are build on trust; which is a human currency that you can’t do without.

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