Fall in Love with someone who inspires you to be great

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Listen- if you want to be happy in this life, fall in love with someone who inspires you to be great. Someone who understand your value and appreciate your little effort, someone who is always ready and willing to help you achieve your heart desire.

Yes, Fall in love with someone who encourages you to be yourself, someone who is not afraid to call you out when you are wrong, someone whose intention is about making you happy and someone who allows you to live your life to the fullest.

See, we are in this World trying to figure ourselves, trying to find meaning and purpose in every situation, sometimes life present us with some toxic relationship, but God has given us the power of choice.

Most times, we struggle to make people recognize us, Most times we try so hard to let people forget us, but the bottom line is our future, our life and our relationship is inspired by our daily choices.

Maybe right now, you are confused on the subject of love, maybe you think based on your experience that love does not exist. But this is the time that you need to challenge yourself to embrace the fact that your emotions and words can not alter the fact that you deserve to fall in love with someone who sets you free and gives you the freedom to go after the things you love.

See, the problem is not your brokenness (your past or finances), your problem is your choice. Life has presented you with so many prospective love stories, you are the one that holds the pen, make a good choice because at the end of the day you can’t force someone to love you no matter how hard you try.

You can persuade someone to marry you but you can’t persuade anyone to love you.

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