How technology can Change Africa

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There is an unspoken need in Africa calling out for change, I believe technology has a big part to play in the next phase of Africa’s development.

Most times, I come across young people who are earnestly working to develop and inspire a technological revolution in Africa. These people give me hope and I think the solution to most of our challenges lies in our ability to effectively harness the power of technology for our own good.

“What’s the way forward?”
This is a question that has been asked over a million times.
But we are very fortunate to be born in a generation where we can sit anywhere and communicate with the rest of the World.

Day after day, I keep thinking on how we can use technology to improve the lives of people in Africa. Or how we can use technology to open a pathway to endless possibilities for our future.

I think People with tech skills have a lot to do in the quest for a greater Africa.
Some weeks ago during the unveiling of the first ever Crytocurrency ATM card in Africa, I noted that the solution to our common problems does not lie in right-wing or left-wing political ideology but a longing for advancement of humanity as a whole. The reality is that we are now living through a technological revolution.

So fighting inequity for instance, is not just carrying placards around, we have to harness the power of social media. To solve the challenge of unemployment, we have to empower our people with tech skills, support and motivate them to inspire the development of our continent.

History is marked by the rise of new technologies and the ingenuity and creativity they unlock. That is our challenge and I hope that we will rise to it. So today let us ask ourselves when our children live to see the next century. What change will they see, what progress will we have made.

This is our chance to contribute our quota to the development of our continent, so, what skills are you learning?

Welcome to a wonderful future. It is a privilege to be alive and to be at the front seat of this revolution.


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