How to change the World with Photography, the Mayor Otu’s Story

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A question on many people lips is, Can photography change the world?

A Nigerian born documentary Photographer, Akwaowo Idongesit Otu also Known as Mayor Otu is already providing answers to this question.

Photography Mayor Otu

Just recently, his project “Water of Katampe” got the attention of Sterling Bank, and brought hope to Katampe – a community in Abuja who did not have a good source of drinking water.

According to him, his desires to go into documentary photography was to inspire the spirit of kindness and the sense of humanity around the World.

“My hope is that when someone sees my images, reads my stories, it will appeal to their sense of humanity, I hope it helps to change the way people look at other people who they think are beneath them and I hope my art help change the world, one person per time.”

Mayor Otu who is a graduate of Biochemistry disclosed that his love for photography started in the University.

“My love for photography started in my final year in the university, I used to hang out with a photographer friend, Samuel Udonnah during the holidays​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, that was basically how it started. I started out shooting everything; weddings, birthdays, concerts, burials ceremonies ”

Centerring his photography on love, hopes, dreams and the challenges in life, Mayor Otu believe that most challenges in life can be solve if people are willing to listen to others.

“It’s about human love, hopes, dreams, challenges. People all over the world are going through one thing or the other and most times they don’t have someone that is willing to listen.

“There are a lot of under privileged people without food, clothes, shelter, access to healthcare etc.

“We see these people every day, everywhere. Most people are not even nice to them, sometimes they don’t need money, they just want someone that can give them something to be hopeful for. I ask myself when we lost our humanity,” he added.


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