Google Translate APP: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

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Google Translate is a language translation service that was developed by Google in 2006 in a bid to make easier the translation of text,  audio,  and websites. It makes use of an artificial neural network to achieve its objective and it is available today via website, mobile app, and an API supporting over 133 languages. As a translator, using Google Translate for the first time might seem herculean especially if the user does not understand how it works.

How To Use Google Translate App

The Google Translate app is represented as an image of a semi-foldable paper with a G and a foreign language symbol inscribed on it.

It is available for download in both IOS and Android Smart devices, all you need to do is download from the App Store or Google PlayStore.

Google Translate can be used without signing up for an account but I would recommend that you sign up for an account and log in if you are looking to save the translation history for reference.

Now, here is how to use the Google Translate app in the following steps;

To translate text

  • Click on the “Home” icon located at the bottom left of the home screen.
  • Enter the text you want to translate. You can also copy and paste the block of text by selecting the text, clicking on “copy” and tapping on the “paste” icon available on the left box. After pasting the text, Google Translate will automatically detect the language and translate it to English. If you intend to translate to a language other than English, navigate to the top right corner and select a language of your choice from the drop-down menu.

To translate a picture

  • Tap on the Google lens icon which is the “Camera” option, and then click on “Continue” to agree to its terms of usage and then “OK”.
  • Thereafter, point your smart device’s camera at the text you want to translate, Google translate will automatically translate the text as soon as your camera focal point is hovering over the text.

To translate a conversation

  • Click on “Conversation”, tap and allow Google Translate to access the microphone, then select the languages used by individual speakers on the app and click on the two microphone icons that will be displayed next to the individual selected languages. Both speakers can now proceed to begin a conversation. The translation for each speech will be displayed at the top or bottom of the spoken text.

To translate a spoken phrase

Here is how to use Google Translate app to translate a short phrase;

  • Click on the “Microphone” icon found at the top right corner of the translate box, and allow permissions. Now, you can speak, the phrase will be typed out as you speak. After your speech, you can click the microphone icon to be redirected or Translate will automatically redirect you.

You will find the translated phrase below the field.

To translate a handwriting

Handwriting is translated using Google Translate when the user is unable to type the phrase or character. This is done with the help of the “Handwriting” feature.

  • Click on input language and change it to “detect language”
  • Click on the pen tab that will immediately display at the top right corner and use your finger to draw the character you want in the popup that will open on your screen’s bottom.
  • As you are making a drawing, translate will present a list of options that fit your character description at the top of the page’s window. You can then select a detected character and add them to the box. Proceed to do the same for all characters.

The translation for your handwriting will appear below the box as usual.

To transcribe an audio

Google Translate app can also be used to transcribe audio.

  • Tap on “Transcribe” located below the field. Then, select “Got it”. Your audio will be translated as you speak.
  • To change your audio’s input language, select a language from the list that will appear after you’ve clicked on the language tab, located at the top of the screen.

The cog icon found at the bottom left of the screen will help adjust text size and show your untranslated (original) text.

Final Thoughts

Google Translate app is popular and it is widely used because of its ease of usage when compared to other Google Translate options. Google Translate app can be used to translate signs, menus and other text for international travelers, and is an amazing learning tool for studies, business, learning about other cultures and entertainment purposes.

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