How I grew my $10 Account to $ 800+ trading Crash 500 in One Week

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Last week I grew my Forex account from $10 to $800 plus trading  just Crash 500. I will show you a step by step procedure on how I was able to record such huge success after weeks and months of trials and errors.

First, let me give you a background of my story. I started trading Forex in 2018, but I abandoned it after losing $200 in one single trade.

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How I grew my $10 Account to $ 800+ trading Crash 500 in One Week

Why did I lose?

I was introduced into Forex by a friend in 2018 and the orientation he gave me then was, buy low, sell high, so I was practically doing gambling, I didn’t understand his explanation so I paid him $100 for a master class, the master class became more confusion, that I decided to just learn by trading on the demo.

Trading on the demo is fun, because you can leverage on any lot size since it’s not real money and make good profit. I decided to test real Account after one week of trading on my demo. I made a gain of $10 on my first trading day with a $200 equity, lost $8 the next day, made $7.25 the next day and lost $205  within an hour of trading Gold.

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My Journey

I took a break from trading and started learning how to trade, the journey took me to the synthetic indices and I was able to see the crash indices (Crash 500 and Crash 1000), the Boom indices (Boom 500 and Boom 1000), but I picked Crash 500 as my research partner after two weeks of studying the market.

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Before then, I was scammed by many Forex traders who parade themselves as experts on YouTube, from trading signals to Forex indicators and strategy. I was practically leaving on YouTube, watching tutorial and reaching out to most of the traders for mentorship.

I purchased all the available indicators in the market from Holy grail, Spike detector, $5 a minute trend set up, special indicators, etc., After using them for weeks without any success, I realized that the spike indicators, special indicators, etc., were all scams.

From my research, the truth is, 80% of traders who share their trade set up and strategy on YouTube are doing so not to help traders, but either to make money from YouTube partnership program or to brainwash weak traders to subscribe to their mentorship class.

The other 20% are priceless, if you are lucky to meet them, they will do all they can to teach yo to become a better trader.

The strategy

Combing the strength of  Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, Accelerator Oscillator and Accumulation/Distribution, I was able to develop a strategy that change my entire trading life.

I went from $10 to $100 in a day then $800 in a week, and I’m still wining. The win ratio is 9 out of every 10 trades.

The result

crash 500

How to Use the strategy to trade crash 500

1. The Set Up

  • Add  Ichimoku Kinko Hyo to the main chart
  • Add Accelerator Oscillator to indicator Window 1
  • Add Accumulation distribution to indicator Window 1
  • Add  Ichimoku Kinko Hyo to indicator Window 1
  • Add Exponential Moving average 48 to your chart

crash 500


2. What to look out for

  • When the Ichimoku Kinko hyo cross the Accumulation/Distribution line on Window 1  and points  toward the zero line of Accelerator Oscillator downward,  and the price is below the 48 Exponential moving average, look for sells opportunity.

crash 500

  • When the Ichimoku Kinko hyo cross the Accumulation/Distribution line on Window 1  and points upward toward the zero line of Accelerator Oscillator, and the price is above the 48 Exponential moving average, You look for buys opportunity.


Points to note:

1. Always use proper risk management before placing and trade
2. Trade with M5 only.
3. Place one Trade at a time.
4. Trade only when all the conditions are met.
5. Know when to exit the market.
6. Don’t quit when you lose, try and find out why you lose and learn to avoid it next time
7. Losing is part of trading, there is no trader that has not encounter loss before.
8. Make sure you make daily high and low and draw trendlines before you start taking trades, this will help you to know point and zones to avoid in the mark
9. Market structure is very important.
10. Signal won’t last long and they don’t help, learn to trade yourself, no matter how long it takes, once you are dedicated, you will master the market.

Understanding and mastering Price action is a priceless asset in Trading. Please learn study and master price action. Always remember trading the financial market is risky, so risk responsible.

Risk Disclaimer

Deriv offers complex derivatives, such as options and contracts for difference (“CFDs”). These products may not be suitable for all clients, and trading them puts you at risk. Please make sure that you understand the following risks before trading Deriv products: a) you may lose some or all of the money you invest in the trade, b) if your trade involves currency conversion, exchange rates will affect your profit and loss. You should never trade with borrowed money or with money that you cannot afford to lose.


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    • I trade spike with price action. Ive used this strategy for short term buy on crash and sells on boom, but a little knowledge of price action is very important

  1. Which position is the best to use for this strategy? Should we move the chat to the very beginning or at the end? Because the A/C line keeps moving as the chart is shifted. How do we get the accurate reading for best results?

  2. Sir you are right. I’ve been scammed several times for the so called bots and mentorship nonsense. They use YouTube to get unsuspecting people. Now in the strategy you posted, the ichimoku is always far ahead of the other line. When they cross, that trade is long passed. How do I solve that?

    • That’s exactly what I thought. The two lines (ichimoku and AC) will never meet at the live price level. They only cross in historical data far back in the chart. How does this strategy work really?

  3. Hello sir/ma’am ,please the group link has been reset. Can you please share an active link if its okay by you,I will really like to join. Thankyou Sir/ma’am

  4. The two lines (ichimoku and AC) will never meet at the live price level. They only cross in historical data far back in the chart. How does this strategy work really?

    • I came to know in this forex world no 1 can help u if u don’t work hard. I commented here last year and a asked for a reply via email or whatsp. Finally i started to find another ways to learn about forex and today here I am…. I want to advance everyone here that, the owner of this website doing great to help people how someone about forex but without your own efforts expect nothing in your MT5/4…..More over lets help each other so we can grow together. The place where i am i can thank God because i have started to see the light in my forex journey…. Some of you have been texting me in my whatsp and ask for help… If i gave you free what i had about forex… Please help other free until u see they are now somewhere.. Nothing u can loose if u give people your strategy… Phago from Tanzania +255763295334 /

  5. please guys i need help is it the ichimuko cloud that needs to point upwards or downwards or is it the lines pls someone should help me if you know

  6. Hello Author,
    Trust you are doing great.

    Please i want to ask if this strategy can be used presently, because it seems the market has taken a new turn and is becoming confusing because of which i have lost a lot trading.

    Expecting a reply sir/ma.



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