Choosing a career in Laboratory Science : Four things to consider

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Laboratory Science as a course is a branch of science that studies analytical laboratory procedures/laboratory-based investigation with biological, chemical, physical , life and medical sciences.

It includes Science Laboratory Technology and Medical Laboratory Technology.

Science Laboratory Technology in Africa is an important branch of science and the future depends a lot on its condition and development.

Area to explore in Science Laboratory Technology

There is opportunity to obtain knowledge and necessary skills to work as Lab Technologist in the following area of specialization.

  • Microbiology/Virology Techniques
  • Chemistry/Biochemistry Techniques
  • Pharmacology and Physiology Techniques
  • Industrial Chemistry and Petrochemical Technology
  • Physics and Electronics Techniques
  • Geology/Mining Science Techniques
  • Physics with Production Technology
  • Biomedical Technology

Duties of a Technologist

When it comes to the education of Science Laboratory Technology, the most apparent and pressing future possibilities is the Laboratory Technologist. Here you are going to deal with various scientific matters, covering researches, investigation, analysis and so on. Some Lab Technologists deal with such tasks that are related to in dept scientific analyses which is in turn help to make new inventions and breakthrough in the sphere they work; carrying out different experiments and researches.

Science Laboratory Technologist performs necessary examinations concerning biological, chemicals, or physical fields. A Laboratory Technologist is expected to work in a team, so it is essential to perform particular job and tasks accurately in order not to interrupt the complex process of work in the Laboratory.

The list of duties and responsibilities in the Laboratory is quite vast and may vary according to the level of experience and particular position during your development.

  • They perform Laboratory tests to provide reliable and accurate results for further scientific examination.
  • Carrying out regular assignments conveniently according to the specified instructions.
  • Providing samples and specimens and preparing reagents.
  • Keeping and maintaining equipment in proper, and usable condition and ensuring the harmless discharge of waste.
  • Recording and interpretation of investigation outcomes.
  • Using workstations and performing mathematical calculation to provide charts and diagram.
  • Ensuring the Laboratory has all the necessary working materials, checking their availability in stock, expiring dates and labels.

However, the specific tasks will vary depending on the fields and establishment one is working for. For instance, if the organization is dealing with the water industry, you will be working with gathering and analyzing water samples and if your company is dealing with environmental health issues and researches, you may be required to perform analyses with food samples

Things to consider when choosing a career in Laboratory Science

  • Do you like solving puzzles and problems
  • Do you excel in handling multiple tasks
  • Do you want to find Science based degree that prepares you for advanced studies in sciences and applied sciences such as medical sciences.
  • Do you like a fast paced and challenging work environment.
    If your answered yes to most of these questions then Lab science may be a good choice for you.

Earning a degree opens door to a wide variety of career opportunities. Majority of graduates sit for professional certification examinations that grants license to be a Medical Laboratory Scientist or MLS. Specialty areas of Laboratory Science include clinical chemistry, hematology, transfusion service, histology, cytology, immunology and medical microbiology and the emerging field of molecular diagnosis.

There are opportunities to find a job in different research institutes and establishments, private laboratories, universities, hospitals industries, military/paramilitary bodies and others.


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