Choosing a Career in Fisheries: three things to consider

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Passion they say is always at the core of every successful outing, but how I fell in love with a course I never planned to study and later loved and appreciated with everything in me calls for demystification.

As a child, I had always wanted to study medicine because that is what my parents and mom in particular wanted. My gang or what you may tag as peers weren’t helping matter, we all wanted to become medical doctors. In our naivety and innocence, facing reality, we are all into different careers aside medicine.

In my quest for higher education, I found myself studying Fisheries and Aquaculture courtesy the University I did seek for admission. But this I can say without regret whatsoever.

Three things to consider when choosing a career in fisheries

The three things to consider in choosing a career in Fisheries came to me while I was already caught in the web and I wouldn’t want to be selfish with them, though a FISHERMAN that sells FISH.

You must have the passion

First and most important is passion. Like in my starting paragraph, passion is known to be the core of every success story. If you don’t have passion for a thing, commitment to such a task can appear to be so taxing that you would treat it with a laissez-faire attitude, thus an open display of lack of love for what you do. Let me make it clear here that I was fortunate to gain passion while in the learning process and that’s been the fuel keeping the fire ablaze so far.

You must be ready to do research

The second comes a result of the first and that is RESEARCH. This requires a lot of your time, energy and resources. Don’t forget that without PASSION you won’t commit all of these into a course. Read everything you come across in this field, experiment (with little or no financial involvement)with them and from here you would be able to sift what is best for your productivity and growth. This has been my mainstay and will remain so if I want to remain innovative and meet up with the trends in the industry.

You must fall in love with Networking

The third, which is the live wire and what would make the first two obvious with tangible results is NETWORKING. Now, this is not networking as per MMM or the likes, but connecting with like minds in the industry and particularly with those who are more experienced, exposed and connected than you are. I need not state here that this has helped me a lot, for it would be an obvious overemphasis. In networking lies your market and your opportunity to make wealth from FISHERIES.

These are my three top secrets and considerations and trust me, they all are so dear to me and my growth process.

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