7 Easy Ways to Start a Fruit Juice Production Business

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Fruit juice is a health drink consumed by billions of people worldwide. Fruit juice is a suspension of water, proteins, vitamins, minerals, sugars, and acids extracted from fruits. It is a good source of getting nutrients required by the body for healthy living. A lot of entrepreneurs have taken advantage of its benefits to make money. The fruit juice production business is a very rewarding businesses you should venture into.

This article will provide a step-by-step information on how you can successfully start a small-scale or large-scale fruit juice production business and make profitable returns.

Before you start a fruit juice production business you would have to;

7 Easy Ways to Start a Fruit Juice Production Business

1. Determine your fruit juice production service

The Fruit juice production business is a large one that offers several services. Honestly, it would be difficult to offer all services at once so you should choose a service niche and develop it to succeed. You could decide to engage in fruit pretreatment, fruit juice extraction, concentration, blending, etc., and distribute directly to juice drink manufacturers or to produce fresh juice without additives and open a shop in a busy location.

Whichever service you choose to provide will set a target market which will help you develop precise goals and strategies to ensure your fruit juice production business succeeds.

2. Conduct a survey and sample flavors

Naturally, juices extracted from fruits are large in quantity but food colors and additives can be used to enhance juice flavor. Although most people prefer to consume fruit juices free of additives, still you must experiment with different flavors to have your own recipe. You should sample the flavor to a community and get feedback. This will help to build your fruit juice’s uniqueness and improve its selling potential.

3. Develop a Realistic Business Plan

A good Business plan considers objectives, costs, strategies, and possible risks and limitations of a business. By having a business plan, the entrepreneur will be confident in his business pursuits and will be informed about all he needs to know and what to expect at each business phase.

4. Secure suitable Location

Before choosing a location to set up your business, you should consider; the market demand of the location and the possibility of reaching your target market. Setting up your fruit juice production facility in a busy location and one who appreciates the value of fruit juices will be good for your market.

5. Register Business

As an entrepreneur, you will realize that your potential customers(consumers) will only want to purchase products and services that are recognized by the necessary authority regulating the service they are patronizing. No one wants to buy what is considered illegal or substandard.

Research permits, and licenses for your production business and register the business with the mandatory food regulatory office in charge.

6. Acquire Raw materials and Machinery

Juice production equipment available in the market includes; juice extractors, pasteurizers, pulper, concentrators, coolers, and juice boilers. Installing a fruit juice production line might be quite expensive but it would make juice production easier.

Raw materials needed for fruit juice production are fruits, preservative, sugar, flavors, and bottles. You could find a raw materials supplier and establish a relationship for stable supply. With the current fluctuation in prices and availability of scarce resources, building a relationship with a supplier will give your juice production business an advantage.

7. Begin your fruit juice production and market your product

Now you would have to begin your fruit juice production business. A knowledge of juice processing procedures and the functions of the different equipment will make your juice production easy.

Do not forget to use appealing packaging for your fruit juice packaging, also be aggressive in your fruit juice product marketing if you want to have massive sales.

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