How To Start A Commercial Corn Farming Business

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Corn popularly referred to as the “Queen of Cereals” is the second most common cereal grown for human consumption and production of domestic by-products around the world. Corn farming business is very lucrative. Major producers like the USA, China, Ukraine Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Indonesia, and Brazil have recorded a significant increase in their country’s economies from their export trade. Starting a commercial corn farming business is indeed going to give you financial security and stability.

This article aims to share all you need to know about starting a commercial corn farming business.

Benefits of Starting a Commercial Corn Farming Business

Corn also known as “Maize” or “Zea Mays”(Scientific name) is a largely grown grain that is planted globally and used for different purposes. As a commercial corn farmer, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits. Some of the benefits of starting a commercial corn farming business are;

  • Financial abundance and security
  • Large market reach
  • Besides human consumption, corn is sought after all over the world by many industries. It is used in the industrial, pharmaceutical, food, feed, textile, paper, packaging, and many other industries in the production of a large spectrum of products.
  • Making a profit is guaranteed at all seasons
  • Corn is an agricultural crop that is recession-resistant. There is no amount of corn produced that will ever be enough plus the need for it rises every day.
  • Corn is also beneficial to health. It is high in carbs, and fiber, low in fat, and contains vitamins, proteins, and other bioactive plant nutrients that are needed by the body to boost quality performance.

How To Start A Commercial Corn Farming Business

Starting a commercial corn farming business will require the following steps:

Land Acquisition and Farm Registration

Starting a commercial corn farming business will require a large area of land. However, you have to choose the right land suitable for it. Corn is better sown on lower slopes and undulating lands free of trees and foliage if harvest must be plentiful.

Your corn farm will also have to be registered as a commercial business at the appropriate office if it must have recognition.

Business planning

There is no business you would venture into that would not require a business plan.

  • State your objectives clearly and give a detailed description of every phase of activity you intend your business to engage in.
  • Write out strategies you intend to employ at each phase for its success and make sure you stick to the books.
  • Write out expenses that would be incurred and consider options of funding where necessary.

Raw materials, tools, and machinery purchase

Raw materials you will need for your commercial corn farming business ranges from seeds to inputs(fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.,) and machinery like simple farm tools(Hoes, cutlasses, spades) to sprayers, irrigation equipment, harrowers, tractor, plough, ridgers, harvesters, etc.

Obtaining equipment at its best working condition will reduce expenses and time wasted on equipment breakdown. When purchasing seeds, choose hybrid and open-pollinated maize varieties.

Start Corn Farming

There are many processes involved in commercial corn farming and they cover land clearing, planting, weeding, fertilizer application, irrigation, disease and pest control, monitoring, harvesting, and post-harvesting.

Corn planting for instance is dependent on temperature(22-30┬░celcius), seed rate and depth, soil moisture, PH(neutral), drainage, soil nutrients, and other factors. Therefore, to achieve success in your corn farming business acquiring knowledge of each of the corn farming phases and performing activities relevant to each phase is essential


Knowing when to harvest your matured corn, how to process it to meet your target market needs, the right packaging for it, and where to meet your potential customers is important in marketing. If you must make the sales you need you would have to establish contacts(locally and internationally). You can decide to start distribution directly from your farm, and establish a distribution chain with you as the producer.

Advertising your commercial corn farm and the quality/quantity of harvests online can pitch you closer to your target market.



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