How to Start a Custard Powder Production Business

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Custard is a delicious food eaten by millions of people around the world. Custard is made from corn starch and other nutritious ingredients (fat cream, egg flavor, vanilla powder, etc.,). In Nigeria, Custard is a convenient meal for many families. It is usually served as breakfast and eaten with an accompanying snack or meal (bean cakes, beans, bread, and biscuits). This reliance on custard has made the custard powder production business a rewarding businesses for entrepreneurs. With the unlimited market reach it promises, you should join the growing market of entrepreneurs venturing into the custard powder production business and make unimaginable profits.

It is pretty easy to start this business but you have to know how to begin. Don’t worry, This article intends to provide a step by step guide on how you can begin a custard powder production and achieve tremendous success.

Why go into Custard Powder Production Business?

The custard powder production business has several benefits to be enjoyed by an entrepreneur. These benefits include the following;

  • Profit is assured

As stated earlier, making money from custard powder production is guaranteed. Custard is eaten by almost everyone, the demand for it grows daily.

  • Custard powder production is easy

Unlike most production businesses, custard powder production is almost stress-free. Knowledge of the custard production process will make it easier.

  • Market is enormous

Custard is eaten everywhere in the world by millions of people every day. Imagine the market reach.

  • Requires relatively low capital

Custard powder production business is not capital-intensive. You can begin production anywhere and it doesn’t even require equipment to start. Yes, you can conveniently produce custard powder from home.

Did I mention the ease of finding raw materials?  The custard powder ingredients which include edible corn, egg yellow, sodium benzoate, etc can be easily obtained. You can even walk into a local grocery store and buy ingredients at a fair price.

How to start a custard powder production business

Write a Business plan

Business plan is a required document you need before starting any business . So, write your business mission, objectives, goals, and strategies your business will employ to succeed. Analyze the associated cost and consider financing options, this will help to guide you and bolster your confidence.

Choose a Business Name and Obtain Licenses

When choosing a business name, a unique name relevant to your custard powder product will make it significant. Research permits, and licenses relevant to the custard production business and register your business with the necessary food regulatory offices to avoid producing substandard products.

Acquire Custard Powder Production Knowledge

Did you know that the custard powder production market is highly competitive ? To be a brand, you must aim to offer the best product. You will need to learn the process of mixing, weighing, and drying the raw materials and subsequent packaging and sealing techniques.

The good thing is you can easily access the information you need to guide you from self-help videos or you can intern at a custard powder production factory for a fee before getting started.

 Get a Space and Set up

The next thing to do is set up your production facility. When choosing a location, consider road accessibility and sanitation. Your custard powder production facility needs to meet health and safety standards of a food production company.

Also, get the pieces of equipment necessary and keep them free from harmful conditions that would be hazardous to your potential consumers’ health.

Discover Your Unique  flavors and make it your Unique Selling Proposition(USP)

There are various flavors (vanilla, banana, etc.,) of Custard powder available in the market. Experiment with these flavors and build custard powder varieties that would become your USP. Remember, the custard powder production business is competitive as most individuals have discovered that it is lucrative. So, if you must make a profit, you will have to ensure your brand is unique.

Choose Your Packaging

People will most likely buy a product they admire. In other to attract customers, you must use appealing packaging for your custard product. You can use plastic containers and nylon that suit every customer’s budget and needs and don’t forget to include your contact information on the packaging, it might help to get you new deals.

Employ marketing and advertising

After producing your custard powder, you must promote it if you want to make sales. If you must sell to your target market you will have to research trends synonymous with them and advertise your product where they will most likely see it. Social media provides a good option for meeting a large audience, door to door marketing and promo sales would help too. Do not forget the idea is to get them to sample your product and ensure they come back for more.








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