You have to Stop breaking your heart

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You have to stop breaking your heart and give yourself a break from people who don’t value you.  You have to stop telling yourself that you are not good enough and enjoy life to it’s fullest.

You have to stop blaming yourself for past mistakes and failures and take life one step at a time. You have to move on from any broken relationship and learn to love yourself the more.
Yes, you have to move on.

Read this, over and over again;

I am enough,
I am good enough,
I am beautiful,
I am loved,
I am a success story.

See, the worst thing you can ever do to yourself is to hang on to regrets, past failures and mistakes. Because, they may somehow define you if you don’t let them go. Scars are good, but you have to stop breaking your heart by hanging on to them.

Let your scars motivate and inspire you to be the best.
Let your scars be your guiding light, and a step for you to climb on.
See, Mistakes and failures are lessons and you need to learn from them.
Don’t let them define you

You have to stop thinking less of yourself and start believing that you have the capacity to live the life you desire.
You have to stop doubting your ability to make a difference in life and put in your best in everything you do.

Build your life with kindness and surround yourself with those who value you and your opinion, not those who are only available during the good times.
This is very important, as much as you can, avoid unnecessary conversation and focus more on those things that can add value to your life

Life is too short to allow failures, people and mistakes control your life.

Be your own guide and stop breaking your heart

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