From a bank manager to a pig farmer, the story of Martin Gachuma

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Martin Gachuma is a former Manager with Standard Chartered Bank who quit his job to pursue his entrepreneurial passion in Pig Farming.  Described by many as a pig breeding consultant, Martin Gachuma success story is an inspiration to many aspiring pig farmers.

Born and raised with proceeds of pig farming, Gachuma owned the Kenge Farm in Muchatha, Kiambu County, Kenya and has been rated many times as the best pig breeder in Kenya.

For a man who was a bank manager, Gachuma’s desire to venture into pig farming was informed by his upbringing. Gachuma has always seen himself as a man who belongs to the pig farming business even as a bank manager.

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He started from selling at least 20 pigs a month and grow it to over 500 pigs a month. In 2011, he received from the President of Kenya as the best pig breeder in Kenya. Pig farming is big business in Kenya and has changed the lives of so many people.

Make Money described him as a successful and consistent Pig farmer whose success story can inspire the Agricultural revolution in Africa.

To every aspiring Pig farmers, here is a tip from Martin Gachuma.

The keys to becoming a successful pig farmer are;

1. Have the passion

“I did not become a pig farmer by chance, I am a pig farmer by choice”

2. Be ready to get your hands dirty,

“Dirty in the sense that you have to get down and work”

3. Start small,

Don’t wait until you have all the money before you start, just hit the start button

4. Be Consistent

Pigs are highly adaptable and easy to farm, they also multiply really fast, so a little dedication and consistency can give you a huge breakthrough in a short period of time.

5. You will enjoy it

“pig proceeds provided for us, there is no doubt in my mind that my future financial stability is in the same agribusiness, this can also be your story”



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  1. am very pleased by the information am inspired a lot thanks for being step stone towards my career as the world number pig farmer

  2. I’d like to get in touch with Mr. Gachuma. I’m venturing into the business on a largescale initiative and his consultation would be helpful. How can I get in touch with him?


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