Top Modeling Agencies in South Africa

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What are the top modeling agencies in South Africa? Modeling has evolved into a fantastic job for both men and women with a superb blend of physical beauty and charisma. With the best modeling agencies in South Africa, you may be represented by an agency that specializes in modeling product endorsement, fashion shows, movie releases, and corporate advertisements.

Obviously, selecting the finest modeling agency to represent your portfolio is a difficult decision. It is not a quick decision, and it is not one to be taken lightly.

It is critical to have an agency that can advertise your portfolio and provide you with the maximum exposure for your profession. A reputable agency will be more likely to attract new customers searching for high-quality models.

Top modeling Agencies in South Africa

1. PT Model Management

Scouting, hiring, training, managing, and delivering models to advertising, fashion, marketing, television, radio, and casting agencies are the main specialties of PT Model Management, a reputable modeling agency in Johannesburg.

They recruit and provide highly trained male, female, teen, child, and kid models to the advertising, acting, and fashion sectors as the top model agency in South Africa.

The agency also operates a model academy with its main office in Johannesburg. This academy also specializes in teaching models for ramps, pageants, performing, and acting roles to ensure that they have the necessary abilities for this competitive and well-paid business. Their training sessions take place on Saturdays over the course of three months and cover a variety of topics and business-related topics.

They work with skilled model photographers who are adept in taking, editing, enhancing, and enlarging images. They can create for you top-notch Z Cards and model portfolios, which are crucial components of actors’ and models’ resumes. Free hair styling, makeup application, and luxury clothing are available.

Address: 135 Pritchard Street, Unit 27, Ground Floor, Illanga House, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Phone Number: 0110565077

Mobile Phone: 0727929505


Contact Person: Phologe Peter

Establishment Year: 2010

Registration Code: 2010/13443721/23

Company Manager: Phologe Peter

#top modelling agency in south Africa: PT Model Management

2. La’ Posh IMAGE Agency

La’ Posh Models is a modeling and casting agency situated in Nelspruit that finds and creates work for signed-up models with the objective of developing and empowering young attractive females. La’ Posh Image Agency is an imaging firm focused on enhancing the image of Mpumalanga as a province.

The agency works with a variety of models. When creating a marketing portfolio, models are evaluated and categorized into the model type they belong to, such as fashion, editorial, promo, etc. Hostessing is the company’s primary offering, and the agency is a registered vendor. The satisfaction of the models and clientele comes first at La’ Posh Mod3ls, a close-knit family.

Address: Corner Bester Str and Voorttrekker Str Nelspruit 8a Beysen Building Office No-5, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Mobile Phone: 079 125 8771

Fax: 086 6655 272


Contact Person: Portia Pilane

Establishment Year: 2014

Registration Code: 2014/153124/07

Company Manager: Portia Pilane

#top modelling agency in south Africa: La’ Posh IMAGE Agency

3. She Models

She Models is a local modeling school and agency located in the Free State’s Goldfields. She Models was founded in 2013, and a year later they held their first class. The agency only had 7 models on the initial day, but in such a short period of time, they’ve increased to numerous numbers of models.

They work hard to provide the greatest training for models while also attempting to build trust, pay close attention to each model individually, and always be supportive of them. She Models also strives to train its models to the highest level possible in all facets of modeling and pageantry. All of their models are in excellent capability and are constantly available for new projects.

At She Models, they’re dedicated to educating models about the value of their inner beauty.

Address: Grasvlei Crescent, Jim Fouchepark, Welkom, Welkom, Free State, South Africa

Phone Number: 0839538534

Fax: 0864571416


Contact Person: Sheleen, 083 953 8534,

Establishment Year: 2013

Company Manager: Sheleen Theron

#top modelling agency in south Africa: SheModels

4. Book A Model

Book a Model is one of the top modeling agencies in South Africa and they are committed to assisting new and experienced models by providing them with the chance to receive the most publicity in the local as well as the Global Modeling Industry.

Book a Model offers access to a modeling database where they can find Models, Male & Female, available for Assignments and or Modelling Jobs – 24 hours a day and in case of an emergency by handling cancellations at the last minute. This service not only benefits Models Publicity-wise but also Small Business Owners, Corporate Companies, Photographers, Fashion Houses, etc.

When a model is under the management of an agency, the name, phone number, and address of the agency are listed on the model portfolio. As a consequence, publicity will benefit both the agency and the model. Additionally, Book a Model advertises modeling companies.

To say that the modeling industry is competitive is an understatement. The industry is evolving, nevertheless, just like every other industry. All sorts of models still have a ton of options, including those in beauty, fitness, promo, fashion, runway, film, and commercials.

Address: Main Road, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Phone Number: 0828252930


Contact Person: Johann V. Heerden

Establishment Year: 2014

Company Manager: Johann V Heerden

#top modelling agency in south Africa: Book A Model

5. VD Models

VD models is one of the top modeling agencies in South Africa that offers Modeling and finishing training; In addition to beauty contests, there are also run fashion shows, runway and ramp modeling, photo shoots, public speaking, presentation, interviewing, hair, makeup, and skincare.

Address: Villiersdorp, Villiersdorp, Western Cape, South Africa

Phone Number: 0829535825


Contact Person: Lillian Keyser,

Establishment Year: 2020

Company Manager: Lillian Keyser

6. D Square Modeling & Casting Agency

Founded in 2018, D Square Model & Casting Agency in addition to representing hundreds of professional models of all ages, they understood the value of having a diverse portfolio in terms of category. Presenters, actors, characters, and groups can all be easily recognized, and they are proud to have built one of the country’s largest databases of ethnic artists.

Logistics planning and model selection. The agency can guarantee effectiveness for both artists and clients since we are familiar with the whole model portfolio and can handle bookings. Service quality is carefully examined, and when transactions are required, they have the expertise to hasten a fruitful negotiation.

They also work with casting directors, production companies, ad agencies, photographers, as well as internal marketing departments, and company directors. Their duties are quite diverse, and so are their clients. Their models will appear in TV commercials, billboards, magazines, posters, bus sides, billboards, websites, and interactive media.

ADDRESS: 21 lemoen street, Kempton park, Gauteng, South Africa

Phone Number: 067 075 0001


Contact Person: Erica Faye Darries

Establishment Year: 2018

Registration Code:1619

Vat Registration: 1619

Company Manager: Erica Faye Darries

7. Vogue Catwalk Models & TV Casting Agency

At Vogue Models, they want to prepare their models for all facets of the modeling industry, including ramp modeling, pageant training, photographic modeling, speech modeling, and interviews.

They keep their classes small and focused to make sure the models have ample ramp time. Additionally, they provide their model’s training in grooming, fashion merchandising, poise, confidence, appearance, dance, microphone skills, and casting and audition preparation.

Valerie Begbie founded Vogue Catwalk SA in 1996, and it has developed into a reputable and well-known agency. They are prepared to manage reservations and deliver skilled models to fashion producers, photographers, and designers.

Address: 414 Lindeque Ave, Silverton, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Phone Number: +27 72 663 1363

Mobile Phone: +27 82 724 560


Establishment Year: 1996

Company Manager: Valerie Begbie

Final Thoughts: Top Modelling Agencies in South Africa

When look for a top modeling agency in South Africa, do thorough research and contrast the references you discovered with those of other businesses while taking factors like credentials, expertise, portfolio, and clientele into account. Above all, make sure to visit these organizations in person before making a hiring selection.

Whatever the reason for employing them, make sure to thoroughly investigate them first. You’re searching for a trustworthy firm or agency to work with.



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