Top Education Consultants in Africa to Help You Find and Get Admission Abroad

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If you’re in need of education consultants in Africa and you’re reading this article, then it’s most likely that you are planning on attending University abroad. While this may seem like a luxury for some, it can actually be an extremely beneficial experience if you have the right resources to hand.

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The process of securing education at a foreign institution can be daunting and challenging if you don’t know who to turn to or what questions to ask. Luckily, I’ve compiled a list of the top education consultants in Africa who can help you secure university admissions abroad!

Top Education Consultants in Africa

Education Consultancy Lekkside

Lekside Education is a Lagos-based consultancy that helps Africans get into universities in the UK, Canada, US, Turkey, France, etc. In addition to helping Africans attain their education goals overseas, Lekside also promotes itself as one of the most effective education consultants in the sector.

They are committed to providing the best educational consulting services to students from all over the world. They offer a comprehensive consultation service. They can assist you with applying to universities in Africa and anywhere else in the world.

They can also help you with the student visa process, financial aid, and finding a place to live while you study abroad. They even have internship programs that can help you gain work experience abroad while you study. They are one of the best consulting firms in Africa because they have helped students from all over the world successfully apply to universities, get student visas, find funding sources, and gain work experience abroad.

The firm is also known for its regular education fairs, which help students find out about their options and meet with experts. You may find out more about the company by visiting its website.

Global Education

Global Education is a Gauteng-based education consultancy that can help you gain admission into universities in Europe, America, Australia, and even here in Africa. You can find out more about their services on their website.

The British Education Services Agency

If you are living in North Africa and you want to study in the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Hungary, Canada or any other country, the British Education Services Agency can help you. They are a Cairo-based agency that can assist you with gaining entry to universities worldwide. You may contact them for more information using the contact information provided on their website.

Imperial Education Consultants

Imperial Education Consultants is a Kenyan education consultancy that assists students in East Africa to get accepted at universities abroad. This East African education consultant assists students in East Africa in getting accepted to universities in Europe, North America, and Asia.

At present, the company is partnered with twenty universities, including Brunel University, Middlesex University, Coventry University, etc. They also provide career counseling, university selection counseling, visa processing, and more. To learn more about their services, browse their website.

Globus Education Services

Globus Education Systems is based in Douala, Cameroon, and has a good track record of helping African students get into some of the world’s finest universities. The company has a good reputation for helping students from all over the world get into universities in the United States and Canada, other countries inclusive. You can learn more about them by visiting their website.

Leadmode Resource Center

They are one of the best education consultants in Africa and one of Nigeria’s top ten study abroad consultants. Leadmode was founded in 2002 to help you achieve your educational goals at a time and location that suits you.

They are a prominent sponsor of UK university distance learning programmes in Nigeria and West Africa. They also provide sponsored remote learning programmes.

Leadmode provides students with a full-time on-campus education in the UK, and they have their offices situated in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and the Central African Republic. You can learn more about them by visiting their website.

What does an Education Consultant do?

An education consultant acts as a guide, helping students and their parents navigate the entire process of admission to a foreign university. They may also offer advice and guidance on the best universities and programs to study at. The majority of their work will be gathering the necessary documents and letters of recommendation to secure an admissions application at an internationally accredited university.

They’ll also be involved in the interview stage of the application process and may assist in arranging accommodations abroad, giving tours of the city, or driving students around. They can also help with research and selecting courses, as well as assist with housing and financial planning.

Tips for Getting into a Foreign University

  • Ensure you create a plan before applying to universities abroad. The application process is difficult and confusing, and it is easy to make mistakes along the way. Make sure to outline a plan for the application process, from start to finish, and be consistent.
  • Make sure your essays are polished and stand out from the crowd. Apply to only the programs you are interested in. This will give your essays more personality and will make them more memorable.
  • Choose your university carefully. When applying to foreign universities, make sure you are applying only to the ones you are genuinely interested in attending. This will make the application process much more enjoyable, and you will be less likely to make mistakes.
  • Apply for scholarships judiciously. It is important to apply for scholarships that are relevant to your intended field of study. You should also be aware of the deadlines for these scholarships so that you don’t miss them.
  • Be patient during the application process. Universities are very busy, and there is a lot of competition out there. Be patient, and work hard to get into the best universities. – Above all, enjoy the process.

Wrapping up

A lot of prospective students are nervous about securing university admissions abroad, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little research, and a little help from an education consultant, getting into a university abroad is not only possible, but it can be done with ease.




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