Top 5 Best Paid Online Survey 2023

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If you are interested in building a residual income from paid online survey, then this article is for you. There are many paid online survey that is available to Africans, most of them pay as high as $4 per survey. In this article, we will explore some of them and also give you some practical steps on how to build a sustainable income from Online Survey.

Here is What you will learn:

  • How online surveys work

  • Things to note

  • The main benefits of survey as a side hustle

  • Top paid survey and research sites in Africa

  • How to Get the most out of survey

1. How does online survey work?

Before attempting to do surveys online, you need to understand how they work. Surveys are offered by market research companies to help brands improve their products and services. To achieve this, these companies will ask people to participate in a survey panel in exchange for compensation.

Participants are presented with a set of questions and the research companies will now rely on these opinions to guide their brand/Market Objectives

2. Things to note

i. Beware of scam

Based on our research, majority of these survey companies are scam, they coarse people with high reward then after answering questions to some point they will save the answers in their system and return a page like “Sorry, you are not qualify for this survey” Most of them will even allow you to take all the survey, gather what they need but fail to pay you at the end.

ii. Study reviews of survey companies before joining any

Study the review of survey company before joining them, it will help you filter out the bad ones.

iii. Understand the Payout method

Don’t sign up for any survey if you don’t understand the payment method. Get more information on the minimum payout, method of payment, and the frequency of payment, it is very important.

3. The main benefits of survey as a side hustle

The Under-listed are the benefit of survey as a side hustle

i. It’s Easy
ii. Anyone can do it
iii. You can do it on the go
iv. You can build a good income with time.
v. It requires no experience, just your opinion

4. Top paid survey and research sites in Africa

i. YsenseYsense

Formerly known as ClixSense, Ysense is a market research company that gives user the opportunity to be rewarded for completing some task online

Minimum Payout: $5
Payment Method: Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill
Payment payout period: 5-7 working days

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ii. Swagbucks



Swagbucks is a U.S.based data research and market research agency. Swagbucks was launched in 2008,  and it is one of the most convenient survey sites for those wishing to build a residual income online

Minimum Payout: $25
Payment Method: Paypal, gift cards
Payment payout period: Approximately 72 hours

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iii. Paid view point

paid view point

Operated by Ask Your Target Market, Paid viewpoint offers cash for every completed survey.

Minimum payout: $15
Payment method: Paypal
Payout Period: 72 hours

You can get up to $1 by signing up on Paid viewpoint

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iv. Mobrog

Mobrog is a market research company owned by Splendid research GmbH. It is available in almost 60 companies worldwide.

Minimum Payout: $4.
Payment Method: Paypal
Payment payout period: Approximately 2 business day

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v. Survey Savvy

The survey is run by a global mobile ad-tech company called, they pay $1 for every completed survey

Minimum Payout: $1.
Payment Method: mailed check
Payment payout period: Instantly

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5.How to get the most out of survey

To get the most out of survey, you need to do the following:

i. Create a new email for surveys only
ii. Sign up to as many legitimate survey as possible
111. Participate in all offers.
iv. Be honest
v. Explore all survey opportunities once you get the notification.



Building a sustainable stream of income online takes a lot of time and discipline. To get your hands on survey money you have to create an account with as many survey sites as possible. Check on the survey site daily and always withdraw your money once you reach the minimum threshold.

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