Top 30 Funny Kenyan proverbs

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There is a lot that fascinates about Kenya other that the state of art infrastructure and amazing Kenyans. Kenya is one of the countries in Africa with one of the funniest African proverbs. Funny Kenyan proverbs will make you laugh your lungs out and wonder who the creators of such unbelievable sayings were. This article aims at highlighting some of the funny Kenyan proverbs that are educative and fun at the same time. I hope you enjoy. Here are Top 30 funny Kenyan Proverbs

Top 30 Funny Kenyan Proverbs

  1. No matter how the world changes, hens will never produce milk.
  2. No matter how many cars you drive, you will always walk to your bed.
  3. He who wants to get space in the middle must be first to arrive.
  4. There is no virgin in the maternity ward.
  5. If you go to sleep with an itchy anus, then be prepared to wake up with smelly fingers.
  6. No matter how tall your father is, you will always do your own growing.
  7. Hot temper will never prepare chicken stew.
  8. A man being short doesn’t qualify him to be a boy.
  9. Pray with your eyes open, to avoid your pockets being a blessing to somebody you don’t expect.
  10. A bee can never convince a fly that honey is sweeter than shit.
  11. My dress, my choice.
  12. A woman who sleeps with your old man can slap you in his absence.
  13. When a man opens the car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.
  14. No matter how handsome you look, you will always sneeze with an awkward face.
  15. If you can beat them, never join them, organize to have them beaten.
  16. The sweetness of the groundnuts, it swallow each at a time.
  17. Absence makes the heart forget.
  18. Stay awake when a woman tells you she’ll harm you are asleep, get enough sleep when a man says so.
  19. Love is like a cough/sneeze, you can never hide it.
  20. Silence is sometimes the best answer when arguing with a fool.
  21. If everything you are tying isn’t going right, try going left.
  22. Other than being beautiful, learn to work hard, you can never eat your beauty.
  23. The frown on the face of a cow, will not stop it from being driven to the market.
  24. Never taste the depth of a river with both legs.
  25. The absence of a cat, makes a rat desire to form a kingdom.
  26. Why save money while the government is printing money.
  27. Fear makes a tortoise to always carry its house.
  28. No matter how safe you play it, remember nobody makes it out alive.
  29. The fact that life is short doesn’t mean you have to act stupid.
  30. Beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder.






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