How to Start and Grow an African Beauty Parlor

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Are you passionate about beauty? Have you always thought of investing in the beauty industry? Do you want to start up your beauty Parlor? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you. Most people  usually dread starting up a beauty Parlor despite it being their dream. The reason being they fear investing in the competitive industry or they don’t know how to handle staff, customers, finances, and proper debt management.

If your mind is made up on opening up an African beauty parlor then carefully read and understand these educative methods that will not only help you kick-start your business but also make it stand out in this competitive industry.

Tips to Start and Grow an African Beauty Parlor

Create a Relevant Business Plan

Goes without saying that not planning, is planning to fail. Just like any other business having a plan for your African beauty parlor might save a lot of unseen circumstances. Your business plan shouldn’t be a long word stack consisting of hard English vocabulary and lengthy paragraphs. None of those is important. Do it smartly, do it shortly, and do it simply. You can even scribble a few notes on a piece of paper.
The business plan aims to act as a roadmap to the success of your business. It will also guide you on how to troubleshoot problems that you might encounter.

Choose a good  Location

This is the thin line between success and failure. A good location will either make your beauty parlor or break it. You should be keen to choose a location which has good visibility, high traffic and a place where numerous day-to-day activities occur. You can decide to take a walk through the places you want to locate your business or just drive through and observe what goes on at that specific location. Experts advise that one should be very choosy when it comes to locations as it is a vital component to the success of your beauty parlor.

Analyze the Market

This is also another key crucial factor, market analysis. You should take your time to study the market. Get to know your competitors. This will help you to come up with a list of what services are being offered and where the market gap is prevailing. If you identify a market gap and offer your target audience the beauty services that are missing in that area, then be rest assured to get long-term clients right from the onset. If you want to make your African Beauty Parlor stand out try to think outside the box.
You can also offer services spaces to act as a playground where parents can come and get their nails or hair done as their children play, or you can put up a small restaurant where customers can get a bite or to as they wait to be served.
Market analysis is very crucial. However, it is a simple task to perform. Just search through the web and identify high-end beauty parlors, check out their services, and also client reviews on their respective web pages. This will help a lot.

Clarify Your Concept.

This is what makes you stand out from your competitors. By this time you might have an idea of your competitors, what your clients need and services to be offered. Now this Concept clarification idea has more than meets the eye. Try to put the client in your shoe, think of how you’d feel when the same services were offered to you. Wouldn’t it be interesting to get top-notch quality? Of course. Therefore, you should learn to stay true to quality. Invest in the beauty parlors infrastructure, such as state of art design, efficient machines and lighting, free Wi-Fi if possible, and also how your employees will dress.
Try to make customers have a warm environment that is inventing if you’d like them to come over. Another key factor in this section is to work with durable products. The last this to wish for is a client coming back to complain of broken nails, chipped polish or bad weaves. If the client likes your products or services, he/she will come back.

Employ the right staff

An important factor in “How to start and run an African Beauty Parlor” is to prioritize hiring the right staff. You should ensure that your employees have been trained on how to offer high-end services to consumers and how to communicate effectively with consumers. After all, they are the ones who will be interacting with clients most of the time. Some of the employees you can employ include; Salon managers, Hairstylists, Salon assistants, Receptionists, Manicurists, Aestheticians, Massage therapists, and Electrologists. Interview all of them and ensure that all of them are fit for the task.

Research Laws and Regulations.

Each country has different laws governing the land in terms of what type of beauty parlor you are going to open. You should take your type and research what legal requirements are required before you open up a beauty parlor.
In Africa, opening up a beauty parlor will require you to seek; legal documents, certificates such as salon licenses and cosmetology licenses. You may also be asked to seek a building permit from relevant authorities.

Setting the Right Price Rates.

Don’t be too expensive. Don’t be too cheap. At the end of the day, you are running a business not a charity organization. You need profits, money to pay your staff, rent, and stock. Set your pricing according to the industrial standards to avoid losses in your business.


Getting customers in this industry can prove to be a hard task. So ensure that you treat the ones you get with the best you can offer so that they can refer you and always come back each time they need a beauty service. Stay to quality and ensure you give your clients service that matches their standards. Don’t forget to keep your account records and financial reports up to date. All the best in your African Beauty Parlor!!

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