Top 10 Quotes of the Village Pope, Tsepo Tshola

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Tsepo Tshola was born on August 15, 1953 in Teyateyaneng in Lesotho. As a teenager, he was part of the pop band called “Lesotho Blue Diamonds’ then he teamed up at Anti-Antiques with Frank Leepa; Sankomota, etc.,

The Village Pope one of his most popular album was release in 1993; followed by Lesedi in 2001 and New Dawn in 2003. Tsepo Tshola died in Lesotho on July 15, 2021 at the age of 68.

Top 10 Quotes of the Village Pope, Tsepo Tshola

1. Freedom needs discipline and focus. Unless you learn freedom, freedom will destroy you.

2. What we really need today is to have people who are committed to making sure that the seeds (talent) is planted…because, if you eat the apple with the Seed, you are not going to get another apple.

3. Today, I see more anger with artist, they have become politicians instead of becoming messengers of songs.

4. Musicians are like children, they need to be nurtured, they need to be guided… because when the money comes… they have too many debts, too many wants, too many need before they can put everything into perspective it all gone. they will be thinking I will have another job.

5. We grew up with the development of technology in us, today I really believe that we need to have young people that can protect music with today’s technology. where we don’t use technology to make music for us, we use technology to make good music with the technology.

6. Dancing is okay, but if music is just going to be about beats, everybody is going to do it, it like playing lotto, you are lucky if your is recognize quicker and some suffer….. so, it very important to actually create preservation.

7. Music is everywhere, when you are born, people sing, when you die people sing, when you die people sing, I wonder what Churches will look like without music.

8. I remember the first time I heard my voice on the radio. I was walking the streets and it was playing from a radio in a shop. I jumped for joy – and jumped straight into some water. I spent the time after that looking for cardboard to put into my shoes, because they had no soles.

9. There is no way you can keep quiet when you feel the pain. We were driven by pain

10. It’s the love of what I’m doing that’s kept me in the business.

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