Top 10 quotes of Lucky Dube

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Lucky Dube was a South African reggae artist who was murdered on 18 October 2007. He was murdered during the attempted hijacking in Rosettenvile, South of Johannesburg. Born on 3 August 1964, Lucky Dube was a South African reggae artist who won the Best Selling African Musician prize at the 1996 World Music Awards . Dube used his music to fight injustice and inspire social change. In this article, we will be exploring top 10 Lucky Dube quotes.

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Some of Lucky Dube popular songs include:

  • Slave
  • It’s not easy
  • I’m a prisoner
  • Respect
  • Different Colour
  • Remember me
  • House of exile
  • I’ve got you babe

Top 10 quotes of Lucky Dube

Here are Top 10 Lucky Dube Quotes:

1. The holy book tells us the truth will set us free but in this world, I know different, this is a terrible truth. If you stand for the truth you will always stand alone.

2. Better to be alone and happy than being with someone and be unhappy all your life.

3. Everything went The way she wanted. Every dream was what she wanted but when it came to finding someone to spend her life with. Same old story

4. I cross my heart and hope to die. These are the words we use to get out of situations.

5. Like every woman, she’s been trapped in this fairy tale. Find a frog, kiss it, and hope it would turn into a handsome prince.

6. They were created in the image of God and who are you to separate them? Bible says, he made man in his image but it didn’t say black or white

7. Somebody told me about it when I was still a little boy. He said to me, crime does not pay he said to me, education is the key

8. Build this wall around himself many years ago to protect himself from being hurt again but he couldn’t stop his feelings last night when he saw the young lady in the bar with the blonde hair.

9. Blue eyes waited till the band played the last song then he took her home, his mother didn’t like her his father didn’t like her the only thing that kept them going was knowing that love will conquer all.

10. They run away to another country cos they thought things would be better for them up there in the month of December, they got married in Chicago and it was all the same, everywhere they went heads will turn.

Some of his best songs courtesy of Slow Rock

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28 thoughts on “Top 10 quotes of Lucky Dube”

  1. For us who were close to his Music.
    His sounds, Music and ideologies has become part of our daily lives.

    It’s true most of what Lucky Dube was preaching through his songs years ago, are still part of what is keeping us where we are.

    Who will redeem Africa?

  2. I live with your songs every day. The inspiration, the hope, your thoughts and respect for God’s creation and humanity is second to none. I wish you had lived longer to bring us more but, we can’t question God.

  3. Lucky dube is a legend
    His music always empower me in all procrastinations and aggressive
    Every single day I kept on learning from his song who thought me slot of things which I can’t forget.
    Indeed he is a great man, dispact he is no more,
    Humble condolences to u lucky dube
    I haven’t met any musician that he done or sing what he has been singing, through his song I learnt alot of things indeed I love u. And let ur soul rest in a perfect peace and let ur songs keep us moving and I pray u we be accepted by our Lord,
    U thought me what I need to know

  4. Initially lucky dube is a great man, really u hve dont ur best for us, ur song make mi who i am today rest well Nde lucky dube.

  5. Lucky dube you are my role model,my mentor,my legend,all I want to say is that you will not be forgotten,neva in our minds,neva in the history book,if it’s happens history will be re written,rest in peace bro

  6. was and will forever be a legend of all times,,we really miss him and the best is always snatched from us,,,REST IN POWER BROE…forever in our hearts

  7. l know you as a great king of reggae music they killed you and they lied but they will die to we don’t care about what they said judgement day about to come lucky dune 4ever

  8. Lucky Dube my role model and i like his songs they have lot ot message ,i will always remember you may your lovely soul rest in peace


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