Top 10 Apps to Save Money in Africa

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Innovation is inspired by the urgency and necessity of solving a problem. The innovation of apps to save money in Africa was born out of the necessity to address the plague of unaccountability.  Making money leaves us with a responsibility of proper management. But while most are spendthrifts, others have inculcated the habit of frugality. The saying “to become rich, you must value saving more than spending” might be a cliché, but it is still relevant today. Without further ado, let’s get right into listing the top 10 apps to save money in Africa.

What Are the Top 10 Apps to Save Money in Africa?

MoMo Savings

MoMo Savings is the brainchild of Pearl Systems, a fintech company with operations in Zambia and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. The MoMo saving platform relies on a USSD system that ensures the convenience of users to access their Mobile Money Wallets to save money individually or as a company. For more information about MoMo Savings, you can visit their website.


This is one user-friendly app to save money in Africa. It provides fast and secured transactions. Apart from providing financial services, it also creates opportunity for interested persons to become their agent. Of course, they have a certain commission they pay all their agents. For more information about becoming an agent, check here.

Chipper Cash

The Chipper Cash app also makes the top 10 apps to save money in Africa because of its popularity. The fintech company has invested a lot in advertisements. It is owned by no bank as against the notion of most people. Although the app is backed by Rapid capitals and SVB Capitals which are known to be VC banks. Chipper app is available in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.


FiarSave is a from FairMoney microfinance bank, it enables users to save money and gain up to 10% interest Per Annum. It stands out from the rest apps to save money in Africa because users can withdraw their interests and principal at will without incurring any costs or  penalties.


This money-saving app has more than 3 million users. This is due to its strategy of ensuring users’ discipline and at the same time, it is flexible. PiggyVest is part of our top 10 apps to save money in Africa because of its high level of security. PiggyVest prides itself in ensuring that every customers’ savings are safe. It achieves this by employing the highest level of internet security. They also utilize a 256 bits SSL security encryption that protects customers information from scammers.


For those who are always confused about how their money was spent, and can’t account for all the money spent at the end of the month, the PesaDroid app helps you track every spending and also enables you to save. For more information, visit their website.


This is a free app to save money in Africa. It is available in South Africa. It enables users to have a glance of their financial record by providing an overview of their personal budget and other financial information. Visit their website for more details.


This is an app that enables people to save money with ease. It is available only in South Africa. Unlike the aforementioned apps to save money in Africa which are free, MyMoney app comes with a cost of 15R monthly. Although there is a free version but its feature is limited. For instance, while the paid version updates your account automatically, the free version does not.


This is also a South African app to save money. What makes it peculiar to be among the top 10 apps to save money in Africa is its control feature which is fantastic. While setting up the app, you enter a limit of money to be spent per day. This controls how users spend and keeps track of every transaction.


Mint is the perfect app to save money in Africa for financial newbies. It enables the user to connect all his or her accounts in order to be monitored as one. It is a free app and the company responsible for it relies on money made from its partners.

Final Thoughts on Top Apps to Save Money in Africa

To conclude, it is advisable that you engage in further research before making your choice of apps to save money in Africa.


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