How to Open a Store on Pocket by Piggyvest

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Pocket by PiggyVest is a fast-growing E-commerce platform for users who are interested in either buying or selling their products and/or services. The app is designed to be user friendly and navigable, even for anyone who is not very familiar with modern technology.

The benefits of starting your own store on the app lies in the ability to expand your client base by reaching out to customers who are within a 15-mile radius from your location. Store owners on the app can also add and delete inventory items as quickly as needed, because all inventory management is done on the app.

If you’re reading this guide, you are probably looking to open a store on the Pocket by PiggyVest and without any stress too. In this article, I will be sharing with you all the necessary information you will need to successfully open your own store and start selling on the Pocket by PiggyVest platform.


Step By Step Guide On How To Open A Store On The Pocket by Piggyvest

The following steps will give you the needed guide on how to open a store on the Pocket app.


You can download the app from Google play store or Apple app store.

To find the app on either of these platforms, simply search for ‘Pocket by PiggyVest’. It will display, then click on it and install.

When it’s done installing, you’ll see the ‘open’ button just beside the ‘uninstall’ button. Click on ‘open’.

If you don’t see it, not to worry. Simply exit and go to your list of apps on your phone. It’ll be right there, then you can open it.

2. Signing Up:

After installing the Pocket by PiggyVest app on your device, you will be required to sign up as a first time user or log in if you’ve previously signed up.

Once you’ve opened the app, the first page will be the ‘Sign Up’ page where you’ll have to enter the necessary details for either sign up(for new users) or login(for previous users).

After inputting the necessary details, you’ll then be required to choose between a 4-digit password or a 6-digit password. Whichever you choose will be the number of characters that constitute your personal password.

After completing your sign up or login, you can officially make use of the Pocket by PiggyVest app.

3. Link Your Bank Details:

To link your bank account for easy collection of payments when you set up your store, go to the personal dashboard section of the app which is indicated by an icon at the bottom right of the page (this icon should display your profile picture if you have set it up).

Click on ‘add bank’ and follow the prompts to enter your bank name and bank account number. As soon as those details are confirmed, your account name will display then you can click on ‘done’.

That’s it!

Your bank details have been added successfully.

4. Open A Store:

You can open a store on the Pocket App with the following easy steps:

  • Click on the ‘Sell’ button in the home page of your screen.
  • This will bring a popup menu where you can select your line of work(e.g., fashion designer) among some other key details.
  • If your line of work is not included, there is the option of manually adding it.
  • Once you’ve chosen all the required details, you can click on “Create Store” at the bottom of the page.
  • Then follow along with the prompts as they guide you through setting up I product images and pricing details for customers.

Once you pass this stage, you officially have your very own store on Pocket by PiggyVest E-commerce platform!

5. Start Selling!

You can now start selling!

Once you’ve opened your store, you can start earning money from the sales made by people who visit your stop and make a purchase.

Final Thoughts

Pocket app is a great place for businesses to take their brand visibility to the next level. With Pocket, you can connect with your customers, convert followers into subscribers, and increase your SEO value.

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