This Is Why I studied Food Science

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I have been a picky eater for as long as I can remember. Even till now I’m usually reluctant to try new food. I just prefer to stick to my Eba or fufu with soups I’m used to. But I’m trying so hard to fight that picky nature especially when I know those food do not pose any threat to my health

Growing up, I admired the late Prof. Dora Akunyili, the then D.G of NAFDAC and hoped to be like her one day. Off-course, her struggle for our collective good by taking on fake drug companies during her time as NAFDAC boss was Inspirational.

And her personality coupled with me being a picky eater who is health conscious inspired my passion for healthy food and healthy living, so I began developing knowledge around healthy foods, nutrition and healthy living.

I did some findings and realized that colleges offers Food Science and Technology as a course. So, when time to seek admission into college came. I was one of the few people that applied directly in 2011 to study Food Science and Technology in the University of Uyo, luckily, I was granted admission.

My 10 semesters in school gave me more knowledge about the Microbiological ( microbes naturally present in food which are beneficial to one’s health and microorganisms whose presence in food pose a threat to human health etc), Biochemical (chemical properties of food, the nutrition we can derive from the food we eat and how it’s consumption relates to our health), Technological (Processing, Storage and Preservation) aspect of food.

The Journey through school was amazing, fun and revealing. I will never forget FST 522 – Food Product Development which was taught by Dr. U. E. Inyang in my final year.

The course was purely practical and the class was grouped into 5 groups with the task of developing a new food product or a better version of an already existing food product.

Led by Nsikak Umanah, my group product was seasoning (which we popularly call Maggi ). We replaced MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) with garlic and dried granulated scent leaf because MSG has some adverse health effect. Our product turned out very nice and had better health benefits. That particular course fueled my passion for the development of healthy food products.

It was this passion and the love for solving nutritional problem that made me to apply for a Master degree in Clinical Nutrition and Diet Therapy in the department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics under the faculty of Public Health at the University of Ibadan.

Though I wasn’t granted admission at the first shot. I have decided to give it another shot (na Covid-19 dey delay us).

With all the knowledge acquired from studying Food Science and Technology, the experience garnered from my industrial training at NAFDAC and my passion for solving nutrition problem, I decided to established Harnie Foods.

Harnie Foods is a brand that is focused on producing tasty natural foods with numerous health benefits. Our aim is to inspire the culture of balance diet and healthy nutrition in every home in Nigeria.

Though we started with Harnie Soybeans Powder as our first product. We have chains of food products we have researched and are currently working on, so watch out for Harnie Foods. And be rest assured that our food product is carefully formulated,  good manufacturing practices and hygienic standards are strictly adhered to, to give you that healthy life that certainly deserve.

So if you are a picky eater like me ????????, feel free to give Harnie Soybeans Powder a trial Cos it’s tasty, rich and nutritious.


Harnie food

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  1. One of the best decision I made in my entire life was to become an engineer. It was a dream I had when i was small, even though my Dad wanted me to become a doctor like him but against all odds i fight and become an engineer. I really don’t make much money, but I am very happy with what I do


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