This is what separate great relationship from terrible ones

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We all deserve love, compassion and care. We all want relationship that will grow us, build us and make us the best version of ourselves. Sometimes, in our search for this relationship, we forget our goals and cling on to people who care less about us or our emotions.

Most times, when we encounter this our dream love, our ego and flaws hinder us from enjoying the reality of those moments.

If you are reading this, I’m sure you know that you need a friend who will see through your flaws and love you for who you are, who will stand with you and fight your every battle, who will pick you up when you fall and bring out the greatness within you, who will love to see you shine and encourage you to be the better version of yourself.

If you agree with me and you are in a toxic or terrible relationship, it’s time to outgrow them and fight for the love story you truly deserve. You have to outgrow certain people in your life if you truly want to enjoy the rest of your life.

Because the truth is, till death do us part is a very long time to compromise your love story for a bottle of wine or some memories of short terms romance.

You deserve to be happy, you deserve a friend who will make you wake up every morning with a big smile on your face, who will choose you above everything, who will forgive you when you made a bad decision and shelter you in moments of storms.

Dear friends, the main purpose of relationship is to help us become better not to distract us or try to change us from being ourselves.

This is the reality. Don’t settle for less than you deserve, fight for your love story.

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