This is the truth about new year resolution

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I am not a fan of new year resolution but most times I set some rules to guide my daily routine. These rules which I often breaks is one of the reasons I envy those that stick to new year resolutions.

Did I just say envy? nope, I will strike that word completely out of my vocabulary in 2020. Envy is not the right word here, i think love can replace it, so I love those that stick to their new year resolution and I will tell you my reasons shortly.

When you meet those who seems to stick to their new year resolutions, you can’t help but notice their commitment, dedication and resilience.

They are not tired of trying and they are ever ready to take control of their lives and situation no matter the circumstances.

When you go through their values and ideas, you will realized that they learn to grow with different situations, they adapt quickly to change and they set their priority right.

These sets of people are not willing to listen to naysayers or cheerleaders, they create their own stories and narratives, and they don’t rely on someone else to live their lives for them.

This is the truth, sticking to new year resolution is very hard, don’t believe those who claimed otherwise. The fact is, nothing good comes easily, it’s take more than just writing it, you have to show commitment, you have to be dedicated and you have to be resilient.

A friend made a statement on December 29, 2019, he vowed to stop smoking cigarettes in 2019. According to him, it was top of his resolutions on January 1st, 2019, but on December, 2019, he was still smoking cigarettes. When I asked him, why he didn’t keep to his resolution, he replied simply “It was not easy”

So, if you are attempting to fight an addiction with your resolution, you need to be committed, you need to reach out for help.

Please note: even if you break it along the way, don’t keep up, keep trying, redefine it, set boundaries and you will be amazed by the results.


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