Dear Zambians, I’m not a Prophet but 2020 maybe our worst year yet, if we don’t act

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Dear Zambians,

I’m not calling for a revolution but this is a conscious call from me to you, Please wake up, let’s face the reality, our Economy is tilting in the wrong direction.

I’m sorry if it seems, I’m the bearer of bad news but the truth must be told, 2019 was the bad year for all of us, 2020 may be worse if we don’t stand up and face our destiny.

I know you didn’t expect this from me, but this is not the year for jejunity, we must face the reality and tackle all our challenges head-on if we hope to make any progress at all in this new year.

The past few months have been the worst months for Zambians, I have been opportune on many occasions to interact with young people who dressed up every day, roam the streets of Lusaka in search of opportunities to change their economic standard.

The reality is starring at our first every day, there are no jobs anymore in Zambia for Zambians, in fact, the only available job nowadays is trekking and arguing. We argue a lot, we joke a lot and we have failed to hold President Lungu and his PF government accountable for their failed promises and mismanagement of our Country economy.

Are we still a republic? Do we still think about our future? If we think our silence will reduce the high cost of living, fight extreme poverty and inequality, then we have not learned from Zimbabwe.

Sometimes, I wonder what those who fought and defeat colonialism in 1964 for our sake would think about us, especially those of us who claimed to be on the side of the people but are on sabbatical during these trying times of our democratic history.

We need to rise up, we need to speak out, we need to demand accountability from the President, because if we don’t do it now, history will never forgive us.

Happy New year

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