Jubilee Syringe is inspiring Healthcare Revolution in Africa

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In order to innovate and provide solutions to the health care challenges in Africa, Jubilee Syringe Manufacturing Company located in Akwa Ibom State, South-South, Nigeria is working on transforming the health care sector in Africa.

Jubilee Syringe which is the largest disposable syringe factory in Africa was established in 2017 through the vision of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s led administration. The Company which has since commenced operation is producing three types of disposable syringes (2ml, 5ml, and 10ml).

This disposable syringes whose raw materials are produced by Nigerian Petrochemical companies come handy with the standard needle sizes:

  • 2ml with needle 0.60 x 30mm (23 G x 1 1/4“)
  • 5ml with needle 0.80 x 40mm (21 G x 1 1/2“)
  • 10ml with needle 0.80 x 40mm (21 G x 1 1/2“)

Commenting on the success story of the Syringe factory, a public affairs analyst and a Lecturer Dr. Valentine Udoh described the project as a timely intervention that deserves commendation.

“In Africa, there is a burden of unsafe injection which the World Health Organization (WHO) has been struggling to solve for many decades, part of the WHO recommendation was for Syringe Manufacturing Companies to begin or expand production of smart syringe that will meet the standard for performance, quality, and safety. I would say the Jubilee project was a timely intervention that deserves commendation”

“What Jubilee Syringe has done and is doing is to encourage that hidden entrepreneurial spirit in all of us. Before now, Nigeria imported more than 90% of syringes from China, when we have the raw materials, the money, and technical capacity to produce it here” Dr. Udoh noted.

As part of their desire to add value to Nigeria and build capacity, the Company sponsored many Nigerians abroad for advanced training on Maintenance of Moulds, Quality Control, operation of Injection Moulding Machines, safety, printing, and packaging of syringes.

These trainees had since returned back to assist Jubilee withstands the high market demand for disposable syringes which would have been a huge challenge to Nigeria during this Corona Virus pandemic.

“Having a functional and a productive Syringe factory is a plus for the health care sector in Africa, I think, It’s time for Africa to shift from a consumption economy to a producing economy.” Dr. Udoh added

On Corona Virus, Jubilee Syringe recently produced Facemask and other safety kits to assist health officials fights the pandemic.

While Jubilee is building a pathway for quality healthcare service delivery in Africa by solving one of the challenges that was driving the spread of a number of deadly infectious diseases worldwide according to the World Health Organization (WHO), we have a part to play. If you want to be a part of that revolution, click here to become a distributor of Jubilee Syringe.


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