Things to consider when applying for African Development Bank Group internship 2019

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African Development Bank Group Internship Programme 2019 application process will be due on May 14th, 2019, if you have not applied, you can do so immediately.

However, here are some things you should consider when Applying for African Development Bank Group (AfDB) Internship Programme 2019.

1. Objectives of the programme

The internship which is highly competitive seeks to provide students with an opportunity to acquire professional and practical experience at the African Development Bank and to also Provide the Bank with a pool of potential candidates for future recruitment purposes.

While there is no guarantee of immediate employment after your internship, there is a likely chance of joining the pools of their potential candidates for future recruitment purposes.

2. Mission and Strategy of AFDB

The overall mission of AFDB is to spur sustainable economic development and social progress in its regional member countries (RMCs), thus contributing to poverty reduction. This is mainly achieved by

  • mobilizing and allocating resources for investment in RMCs; and
  • providing policy advice and technical assistance to support development efforts

3. Eligibility requirements

The following are the requirement for African Development Bank Group Internship Programme 2019.

  • Candidates must be between eighteen (18) and thirty (30) years of age by December 31, 2019
  • Candidates must possess a Bachelor’s Degree and be enrolled in a Master’s degree program or its equivalent in a recognized public or private institution of higher learning.
  • Candidates must apply for an internship within one year of having obtained the Master’s degree.
  • Candidates must provide proof of enrollment from the university/professional institution/school.
  • Application is only for Citizen of a member country of the African Development Bank.
  • Candidates must be able to communicate effectively (written and oral) in English or French, with a working knowledge of the other language.
  • Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

4. Selection cycle and procedure

The application period for the Internship Program is from 15th April 2019 to 14th May 2019. All applicants are expected to receive email notification of the outcome of their application by 24th June 2019.

This is the detailed breakdown of the selection criteria:

  • Applications received for the 2019 Internship Program
    Start date for submission: 15th April 2019
    Closing date: 14th May 2019
  • Screening of applications – Compilation of lists of eligible candidates to the Program
    End date: 24th May 2019
  • Pre-selection of candidates by user departments
    End Date: 31st May 2019
  • Submission of compiled short lists to the Internship Review Committee
    End Date: 7th June 2019
  • Meetings of the Internship Review Committee
    End Date: 14th June 2019
  • Final list of interns for the 2019 Program
    19th June 2019
  • Communication of final results to applicants and user departments
    End Date: 24th June 2019
  • Internship Start date
    From 15th July 2019 onwards

5. Terms and conditions

  • Interns shall be responsible for their air travel (where applicable) to and from the Bank’s location as well as their upkeep.
  • Interns shall be responsible for their medical insurance coverage, and for obtaining entry and residence visas in the host country of the Bank.
  • The internship will be authorized only once for any candidate.
  • Eligible interns will be provided with a monthly stipend.
  • Interns may be authorized to participate in an official Bank’s mission.
  • Internships shall be performed either at the Bank’s headquarters in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) or in one of the Bank’s Regional and Country offices.

6. How to apply for African Development Bank Group Internship Programme 2019:

Application for admission to the African Development Bank’s Internship Program is an online process, via the Bank’s website.

To apply, click here and ensure you answer all the questions on the application and upload all relevant documents


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