Top African Fashion Styles for Every Occasion

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African fashion is one of the most exciting and inspiring styles around. It is a traditional style of dress that has changed very little in the last few centuries. It is one of the only styles where the long tunic with dresses for women and baggy trousers for men is still a perfect combination.

In the Western world, African fashion is a bit of a mystery, but in Africa, it’s a staple in the wardrobes of many women. It can be a casual look, or you can dress it up with accessories and a classy hat. Even though African fashion involves lots of colorful fabrics, it’s still very simple and can be worn by everyone.

Here are the top African fashion styles for all occasions:

The Safari Outfit

Safari outfit

This style is the most casual of all African fashion styles. It’s a common look among the African population and can be worn for any occasion. You can wear this outfit to work or when you’re running errands around town.

The safari-style originated in British campaigns in Africa and so is associated with khaki clothing, belted bush jackets, pith helmets, or slouch hats. Animal skin patterns are also a typical element of the style.

The colors are usually bright and made up of many patterns that are usually geometric in shape. The fabrics used are usually cotton and linen, but can also be silk, chiffon, or other materials that are comfortable to wear in hot weather. There is no set rule for what colors you should use; you should go with whatever colors make you happy! One key point about this style is that there should always be one color that dominates the ensemble, which will then accentuate the other colors around it.

Safari dressing is an easy way to show off your sense of style without breaking any rules!

The Ankara Dressing

Ankara - African Fashion

The Ankara dressing style is a very popular style of African fashion. It originated in West Africa, specifically Nigeria. It’s an embroidered cotton fabric that’s usually adorned with bright colors. This style of dress is very popular in West Africa, specifically in Nigeria, where it is called “Ankara prints.” The Ankara dressing style is the one most often worn for weddings, funerals, and other important events. Ankara dresses are usually made with a variety of prints and colors in neutral tones.

Bamako Dressing

Bamako dressing

Bamako dressing is a very popular style of African fashion in Mali. It is a traditional West African style of clothing that is mostly worn by women. Bamako Dressing features a long tunic with dresses for women and baggy trousers for men. The tunic is typically made out of fabric that is brightly colored with geometric shapes or stripes.

The dress has a fitted bodice that is worn over one shoulder, but it can also be worn over both to show off the waistline. The skirt is loose-fitting and hangs from the hips down to just below the knees, where it’s pleated or gathered. It has been around for more than two centuries, but it came into popularity in the late 1800s when there was an increase in Western styles.

Some women will wear Bamako dressing outside, but some prefer to wear it only for ceremonies because it can be difficult to maintain a crisp appearance.

Aso-ebi Outfit

Aso-ebi Outfit

Asoebi is a Yoruba style of dress that was popular among women of Yoruba descent in the 1950s and 1960s. It is now largely a fashion item that most women wear to religious ceremonies, weddings, and other formal events.  Asoebi are a highly prized form of traditional Yoruba clothing, and they have become a symbol of a Yoruba woman. They are typically worn by women in Nigeria and the diaspora, but have also become popular among some African American women.

They are usually worn by women at religious ceremonies or weddings, but they have become common at formal occasions such as job interviews. The Yoruba people are largely found in Nigeria, Benin, and Togo, so it is not uncommon to see the style of dress worn in these countries.

Asoebi became popular with women in the 1950s and 1960s. At this time, the Yoruba people were influenced by Western culture, and many adopted Western styles of dress. Asoebi was one of the few traditional forms of clothing that survived this period intact. They remained popular with African Americans throughout this time period as well.

The Krio dress

The Krio dress

The krio is a traditional dress worn by the people of Sierra Leone, a West African country in the region of Western Africa. The Krio is usually a day-to-day dress made from cotton fabric, usually worn by girls. It features a long skirt with a square neckline and a belt. The krio is usually worn with a hat, a scarf, and sometimes a pareo. The krio is considered a form of traditional dress. Some people wear the krio as a decorative or ceremonial dress.

This style has become a staple in fashion among African women all over the world, especially because it looks great on every woman no matter her body type. This style may be simple, but it can still be elegant and classy with accessories like hats or jewelry.

Wrapping Up

African fashion is rich in culture and intricacies with so many diverse cultures in Africa that it’s hard to have a definitive fashion style. But with this list of the best African fashion styles, you’ll be able to dress for any and every occasion.





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