The things we do for love

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February 13th

I had called Ben
All the plans had been put in place
We were gonna be meeting the next day by 5pm
I had already got a gift for him
All that was left was to package it.

I’ve been trying to reach Ben on the phone and tell him how my plans changed
I needed to tell him that I’d be coming over by 12, instead of the earlier scheduled 5
But I couldn’t reach him….
His numbers weren’t going through
So I packed my bags after so many failed attempts
And I headed for the road.

So many thoughts kept going through my mind
How will I express my love to Ben??
How’ll I present his gift to him
Do I tell him to close his eyes
Or do I slide the gift in his closet
Do I tell him to open the bag
Or do I just present it as soon as he opens the door
Lost in thoughts, I almost passed the junction.

Ben lived in a beautiful one bedroom flat
We’ve been dating for about a year now
He was actually the best thing that ever happened to me
Everything about me changed ever since he walked in.

He loved me exactly the way I wanted to be loved
He was so sweet, patient and gentle
He was also handsome
What else could I have asked for,
I always woke up to his morning text
And every Sunday evenings, he’d always get some stuffs delivered to me
He always credited my account monthly and tagged it ” Your Salary For Loving Me”
He was every lady’s dream.

After a long walk from the junction
I finally made it to the house
Walking towards the door of his flat
I tried to dab some sweat off my face
And arrange my clothes very well.

It was a special day for us and I wanted to look special
I knocked at the door, yet there was no reply
I tried his line, but it still didn’t go through
I checked the place he normally drops the house key for me
Yet I still didn’t find it….

I knocked again while trying to whine the handle
I was shocked when the door opened
Clothes layed carelessly on the floor of the sitting room
I needed no one to tell me what was going on
But I was eager to know “who”

I barged in on them…and yes I got the shock of my life
It was my best friend who I always told stuffs about him
The one I always told of our love story

They were shocked to see me
I tried to hit her but Ben held me
And then she rushed outta the room
I followed behind only to see her coming outta the kitchen with his kitchen knife
I was filled with so much rage
I wasn’t thinking straight,
All I wanted was to beat her up for betraying me
As I rushed towards her….I felt a very sharp pain close to my neck
I don’t know if she purposely did it
But the last thing i saw was blood spills everywhere
My legs could no longer stand firm
I was slowly reaching for the floor
Babyyyyy!!!! I heard him scream

Goodnight Ben

Don’t forget to tell my mom that I died for love

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