The Best Mobile indicator for trading Boom and Crash

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Based on popular demand I am going to share the best mobile indicator for trading Boom and Crash. Let me start this way, over the last few months, most traders are currently dumping the currency market to synthetic indices. Why is this so?

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Trading the Synthetic indices seems to be very easy

According to most Boom and Crash traders I’ve interacted with, they can easily scalp Crash buy and Boom sell for 1-2 minutes and enter into massive profit immediately, but the spikes that comes unexpected is why most of them are requesting that I do an article on the best mobile indicator for trading Boom and Crash. One was even requesting that I come up with a miracle indicator that can predict spike at least 30 seconds before it happens.

Let me be very clear, I don’t like indicators, not because they don’t work, but for me I enjoy looking at the naked chart. Trading the naked chart gives me more opportunities and pips.

I included indicators in my analysis when I started getting messages from traders to guide them on the best mobile spike indicator for boom and crash. It was hard initially because if you understand the way boom and crash works, it’s seem most indicator are good just for back testing not for real time trading.

Because most time when you are back testing an indicator they look good, but when it comes to real time trading, the draw down can be so unbearable.

So, What is the best Mobile Indicator for Boom and Crash?

Let me tell you what it is not. The best mobile spike indicator for trading Boom and Crash is not those indicator they produce and sell for $100 and above that makes noise every time there is a spike, it is not moving average, Relative strength or Fractals. The best indicator that will help you win in the market is called Price Action.

If you are a newbie or a struggling trader and you don’t spend time to study market structure, patterns and candle sticks then you are not ready to be a profitable trader. You will only enjoy the Bollinger band, RSI, Moving average and other indicators when you understand price action.

If you want to be a successful and profitable trader, quit looking for indicators, study and understand price action.

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