Read this when you are upset about love

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Love is a beautiful thing, but sometimes it can hurt you a million times.
It is like flower, its need care to bloom.

I want you to hold on this notes, read it when you are upset,
And try to remember it when you are broken.

Here’s the thing,
We are humans, don’t seek perfection,
We are different, learn to embrace the difference.
I know one day the tide may turn and you blame love for hurting you,
But before throwing in the towel, remember why you choose love at the first place.

Remember all those good times and promises,
Cherish all the beautiful moments and memories
Value the time you invested in building the love
And reflect on the day that the journey started.

Before you throw in the towel,
Think and wonder about forgiveness,
Ignore blame and forget about gossips
Learn the magic of listening
And talk thinks over if it’s worth a second chance.

If love makes you sick and you want to get back at love,
Remember this before doing anything,
We are humans, we are not perfect,
We are humans, we are different.

If its makes you angry, swallow the pains and sort things out,
If its makes you cry, ignore the tears and remember the gain,

You are human, don’t expect perfection,
We are different, don’t expect everyone to think like you.

Never forget this:
Smiles and sincere words like ‘I’m sorry’ can heal a broken heart,
Sharing laughter and tears can encourage connection
Having someone special whom you can always depend on is one of the greatest gift of life.

So cherish every moment
take time to share, listen and care
life is beautiful when shared,
don’t be shy, make special memories,
do the unthinkable, be weird, love hard and most importantly be happy

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