Read this when you are confused on what to do

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It’s okay if you are just sitting down thinking and not knowing what to do. It’s okay if you are scared and confused about the decisions you took and the direction of your life.
It’s okay if you want to cry about your past failures, mistakes and heart breaks.
It’s okay if the society looks down on you and your friends forsake you.

This is it, maybe you’ve been trying for many years to figure out what to do with your life, but you keep failing each time you try. Maybe sometimes, you almost get it right but one thing lead to another and you stumbled and messed up everything. It’s okay to mess things up, it’s okay if you feel you have disappointed yourself, but it’s not okay to give up no matter the condition.

Its hard to describe this, but as long as you wake up every morning with the desire and determination to find a way out of your current situation, you will surely get there.

Let me tell you this, if you have ever asked yourself this question: What am I doing here? then you are in the right track. But it’s not enough to just ask, you must find out. You must find out what makes you stay awake at night and broaden your smile by the day.

You must find out your life purpose, your passion and prove to yourself that you are capable of achieving them. Because it’s not enough to just talk, you have to do something, you have to fall in love with your personality. You have to open up your heart to accept your flaws and build on your strength

This is the truth, if you are confused on what to do, remember you are never alone, keep trying, don’t lose hope, I am very certain that you will eventually find a way.

So If you are confused, it’s very okay to be scared but it’s not okay to give up.

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