6 Important life lessons from African slave warrior, Olaudah Equiano

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The historic story and strides of Olaudah Equiano  can well begin from when he was kidnapped at the young age of eleven.

Olaudah Equiano who was born in Nigeria was sold to slave traders headed to the West Indies by his captors.

According to the ‘Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano’ published in 1789, which depicted the horrors of slavery, Equiano sees himself not as a saint, a hero or a tyrant but as a man who was born to make a difference.

“I am neither a saint, a hero, nor a tyrant.” he wrote.

His memoir which this article is based on is a detailed account of what slaves went through in the hands of their owners and was an eye-opener to 18th Century Audience on the story of slavery.

Here are 6 Important life lessons from African slave warrior, Olaudah Equiano

1. Telling your story can be difficult

In his memoir, Equiano explained the hardships that memoir writers go through. He noted that there are so many people who are very critical about the truth. According to him, people will always discredit your work no matter how truthful it’s may seem.

Lesson: Your life is your business, you owe no one any explanation.

2. Enjoy Moment is golden make it count

In recounting his experiences in his memoir, Equiano explained how he took advantage of every little moment to develop himself, stay happy and plan on buying back his freedom.

Lesson: Every moment is golden, cease it.

3. Lonliness is not good, but lonely moment well spent can be extremely rewarding

In Chapter 3 of his memoir, Equiano described loneliness as depressing. He noted that not having someone to talk to can shorten your life span.

Lesson: Joy and happiness is well enjoyed when shared, don’t even attempt to do it on your own

4. If you work hard and save money, you can buy your freedom

He is a proponent of hard-work, his memoir clearly records the details of how he engage in selling goods in order to save money to buy his freedom.

Lesson: The shortest cut to Success is hard work

5. Learn to appreciate people

In chapter 4, he mentioned a certain man who taught him a variety of things like religion, education, and how to shave. Even as a slave, he still he find a way repay him by giving him sugar or Tabaco whenever he could afford to buy them.

Lesson: Appreciation can open more door, don’t miss it

6.  It’s very okay to ask for help

Even when he had money to buy his freedom, he didn’t attempt to do it alone, he consulted the captain of the ship he was in to give him clue oh how to approach his master and purchase his freedom.

Lesson: Don’t attempt to know it all, there is always someone out there you can assist you, just ask




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