How Tolu Williams, CEO of Versustrade Built His Crypto Brand From Nothing

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Tolu Williams is the CEO of Versustrade, a cryptocurrency trading start-up established in 2018. His vision encapsulates the art of crypto adoption which is evident on his WhatsApp platform ‘Versustrade Academy’ where he coaches interested people of all ages about the nitty gritty of cryptocurrency. Without further ado, let’s find out from the horse’s mouth about how he built his crypto brand, ‘Versustrade’ from nothing.

Tolu Williams: Early Life

Tolu Williams is the CEO of Versustrade and an indigene of Ondo State, Nigeria. Tolu Williams was born on the 29th of June, 1988 into the family of Pastor and Mrs Williams. Since he was 8 years old, he said he had always had the feeling that he was going to be a boss at an early age and would work for nobody. The graduate of Kwara State Polytechnic said that he dabbled into various forms of entrepreneurship even while at school before finally coming across what struck his fancy.

What Struck his Fancy?

Asking him this question was almost like a mistake because he just would not stop talking about bitcoin. He said that he stumbled upon a YouTube video about Bitcoin in 2013, barely 4 years after the launch of Bitcoin. He was inspired by the analysis of the YouTuber and was convinced that bitcoin is indeed a digital gold. The video inspired him to embark on a research, so he started by digesting Bitcoin’s whitepaper, a move he said majority of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts today don’t bother about. According to him, that is one sure secret that has placed him above competition. No wonder why he named his crypto trading startup ‘Versus’.

Why the Name Versustrade?

When asked this question, he said that  he is aware of the competition the cryptocurrency industry will face in the nearest future although the competition pose no threat at the moment, but finding a way to remain above competitors at the present moment and in future is important. Picking the name Versustrade was well thought of as the name definitely sets him apart from other competitors. He said- “Versus as we know means ‘against’ but I am not against anyone or against my competitors but I think the name suits my brand best for the sake of uniqueness and business. All I need do is live up to the hype of the name as some believe it connotes my brand against every other similar brand.”

What Makes Versustrade Unique from other Crypto Trading Brands?

Versustrade is reliable as I am fondly called- ‘Mr Reliable’ Versustrade is the fastest crypto trading brand in Nigeria today and we will not fail to lead when it comes to crediting our customers whether with fiat or bitcoin. We also have an office for transparency sake. We noticed that most online cryptocurrency trading brands have no physical office. To ‘robustify’ trust, we have an office where enquiries can be made and business can be done. A lot of people have been scammed online by certain persons cat fishing innocent and unsuspecting noobs. He added – “Lest I forget, it almost skipped my mind. The most important thing that makes us Versustrade and separates us from competition is our affordable rates. Our rates are so affordable compared to others.”

Future Plans For Versustrade

Tolu Williams goal at versustrade is to champion crypto adoptability and they have started by creating a WhatsApp platform where they give basic crypto tutorship to people of all ages. According to Tolu, they noticed most Tom, Dick and Harry don’t even know the difference between bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

“Our job is to give enlightenment and to help you make profits when investing in crypto. Although we never stopped buying bitcoins from anyone and selling to anyone and we don’t plan to stop either.

“We believe that a time will come when the traditional banking sector will become obsolete and will have no choice than to embrace decentralized finance in whatever way available at their disposal.” Tolu noted.

Is Your WhatsApp Academy Free

No! And there is a catch. People don’t take free things serious but when they spend to garner knowledge, they become serious. So we have monetized our membership class. The content we provide at versustrade academy is second to none.

What do Members Stand to Gain on the WhatsApp Platform?

On our platform, versustrade academy,  you will be updated on the latest NFT and Crypto news. Our aim is for you to become a Master in the field of cryptocurrencies. We will be teaching you how and where to buy and trade any cryptocurrency of your choice. How to spot trends and high performing cryptocurrencies that will make you profit. How to spot rug pull and scam projects to prevent you from losses. We will also teach you how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at specific prices even when you are asleep or not online. You will also be taught how to buy recently launched projects that are not yet listed on major exchanges like Binance and

How Did You Build VersusTrade from Nothing?

Most people ask me this question. That as young as I am, how did I get to build such a big brand? Where did I get capital to start? My answer has always remained the same because it is true- If there is a will, there will always be a way. It’s true I built VersusTrade from nothing. By ‘from nothing,’ I mean no capital from any external source whatsoever. Although I had garnered every knowledge I felt I needed to start. .

I believe that when you help people, you will be successful. In the beginning, I helped people buy and sell crypto for free. Most people didn’t know about peer 2 peer then, and that was my secret for years. And as I helped people to sell and buy cryptocurrencies, I had my cut, so little by little the profit kept rolling in.

Your Final Thoughts On Cryptocurrencies

“There are only two cryptocurrencies to me- Bitcoin and the rest. In the same light, there are only 2 cryptocurrency traders in the world today- Versustrade and the rest” he said with a smile on his placid face.




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