How To Survive in Ghana

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If you are looking for how to survive in Ghana here is a quick reminder, survival in Ghana just like most African Countries requires 3 things and we are going to explore those 3 things and more in this article.

But first, here are two important factors you should consider:

  • ┬áMore than half of Ghana’s population is working in the agricultural sector.
  • The problem in Ghana is not lack of Job, but lack of quality jobs

How to Survive in Ghana

Ghana with a population of over 29 million people is considered the most stable country in West Africa, but survival in Ghana is not that easy.

As the first sub-Saharan country to break free from colonial rule; Gold, Cocoa, and most recently oil control Ghana’s economy.

So if you want to survive in Ghana:

You have to be skillful.

Skillful not just with what you can do with your hands but with how you think. Your thoughts are very important because they control your actions and how you relate to people. As Akua Naru illustrated in ‘Made it’ to survive in Ghana, you have to keep your head high. High not in the sense of highness but in your intellectual capacity.

You have to be hardworking

You may have heard, “There is no food for a lazy man” that slang, or whatever you may decide to call it is not true in Ghana. In Ghana, there is food for the lazy, it is called ‘Crumb’. The reality is, it’s either you work hard or you become a crumb eater. Of course, crumbs are available in different forms and shapes, your level of laziness will determine where you belong.

You need connection

To survive in Ghana, you need connections. “If you think you can climb the tree alone here” as one Prof once told me, “You need deliverance” Connections will take you where your papers and grammar cannot penetrate. Build and grow your relationship, it will help your survival curve in Ghana

You need to be creative

Creativity is one of the shortest cut to survival in Ghana. If you have a good voice and can sing, be creative cease every moment and make sure people hear your voice. If you can write, don’t wait until you are asked to, write as if your life depends on it. Anything you do, think creatively, do it creatively and your chance of survival will be high.

You need to Religious

Ghana people, just like most Africans are religious people. Religion brings hope and hope is a good thing. be committed in your religious activities, attend meeting and service and they will go along way to help your survival in Ghana


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4 thoughts on “How To Survive in Ghana”

  1. Hahahahaha.

    You got me there.
    This sense of highness made my day.

    You’ve said it all.

    Surviving here in Ghana is not Easy

    • Kuffor, highness get levels and stages, we have street highness, drug highness, Alcohol highness, intellectual highness and so on, someone who was with me after reading the post was saying that sometimes a man needs a little of Alcohol that it helps clear the eyes. I don’t know how true it is, but you see all the highness, street credibility is good, intellectual highness is good. And They are the only two highness that can help you survive in Ghana


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