How to run a Kenyan Butchery Business: Anne Muhia’s Life-changing Story

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Ever wondered what it takes to start and run a successful Kenyan Butchery business.

Well, that’s the case for many entrepreneurs looking forward to jumping into the butchery industry. It’s a very profitable business, but only if done with the correct guidance.

With all sorts of misconceptions about a butchery business, you need somebody who is actually doing it. Only then can you get to understand the business dynamics, pros, and cons.

This article is the story of Anne Muhia. A ‘mover’ making massive strides as far a Kenyan butchery business is concerned.

Let’s go!

How to run a Kenyan Butchery Business: Anne Muhia’s Life-changing Story

Background Information

Anne Wairimu Muhia is a wife, mother, and an entrepreneur. She comes from a humble background living with her Grandmother during childhood in Githunguri, an agricultural town in Kenya.

Anne later moved in with her parents who lived in Kikuyu. She attended Moi Girls High school, Kamangu before pursuing her CPA. Anne says in an interview that she got employment in big Kenyan companies and was very happily employed.

After changing companies, Anne found her boss ‘unbearable’. Although she searched for solutions on how to handle the situation, it never worked out. She ditched employment and set out to find success in entrepreneurship.

Creating software solutions was a part of her job as an Accountant. After soul-searching for close to two years, Anne opened her company, Leanity Dynamics Africa Ltd.

Three months in, she got her first major client. The pay was huge and she thought it would be best if she opened an office and hire employees. Big Mistake!! Coming from an employee mindset, she thought that it was what she needed. This saw her wasting finances in leasing office space and paying salaries with no clients.

After re-strategizing, Anne closed the office and began working from home. The business caught momentum once again. However, Anne says that tech cycles are long and wide which made her venture into the butchery business as a way of diversifying her income.

The Start of Kenchic Butchery

“I was looking for a retail business that I could invest in and the opportunity presented itself,” says the former Accountant.

She opened her Kenchic butchery in October 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic. Together with her team, Anne sells poultry meat, beef, lamb, goat meat. Basically, any type of processed meat.

Anne partnered with Kenchic as a way of executing the company’s Farm 2 Fork concept.  Kenchic Butchery is located in Hurlingham, Nairobi.

What’s needed to set up a butchery Business?

Understand the Supply Chain

The butchery supply chain is very long. That is from where the meat comes from, slaughtered, and distributed. You identify where you are more comfortable.


You need to have enough capital to buy equipment as well as get the business off the ground. Equipment needed may include meat displays, freezers & chillers, meat grinders, knife sterilizers, knife sharpeners, among other stainless steel equipment. Do thorough research about prices and ensure you have enough capital.


You need a good location for your business. A good location should be in a mall, close to a mall, close or in a market/residential area with at constant power supply.


You need to have constant stock since meat is constantly in demand. However, ensure that you partner with a trusted meat supplier. In Anne’s case, she partnered with Kenchic Ltd.

Know your target audience

Anne’s says that for you to target high-end customers, you have to be keen on the location. That is, identify where your prospects live.

For instance, if you are targeting Muslim buyers, then all your meat needs to come from halal-certified suppliers.

The ambiance of the place

This is what the customers see when they first walk into your butchery. Invest in the design of your butchery. Make it appealing to the eye to bring in more customers.

You also have to give customers a very good experience. Everything from when they enter, to how they are addressed and handled needs to be top-notch.


The butchery business doesn’t have set price standards. You have to carefully determine your prices based on how you are able to manage your costs.

Unique Selling Point of the Kenchic Butchery

Kenchic Butchery offers marinating services. This is something totally unique to them. So basically, you go to their shop, pick your cut, then choose your marinate. The marinated chicken is a very unique option for anyone who doesn’t like spending time in the kitchen.

All you have to do is to put the marinated chicken in the oven for 45 minutes.

Anne is a go-getter. Her passion for success has seen her being among the chosen women during the sunlight’s supporting women in the business campaign.


Challenges of Butchery Business

The butchery business is packed with its own share of cons. Anne pointed out that when she was starting, her major challenges were:

  • Stock management– She could at times understock or overstock. For example, she once overstocked during the festive season only for her customers to travel to their home countries.
  • Pilferage– starting out, she had not put in place processes and systems to manage her butchery business. She urges all entrepreneurs looking forward to venturing into the butchery business to have their systems automated.


Many entrepreneurs start their butcheries with the mentality of making it overnight. That’s not the case.

You might incur losses at first, staff will at times disappoint you, and stock management may be a nightmare. However, if you are in it for the long run, profits will eventually come your way.


Key Take Away

Anne’s advice to entrepreneurs is to look for a team that has the right attitude, good attitude, and integrity. Only then can one achieve success.

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